Светлана Крючкова сообщила о возможных причинах рака Last year it became known that the actress is struggling with cancer. Disease discovered at a late stage. She had to go abroad for surgery. Svetlana Kryuchkova suggested that could serve the development of malignant cells in her body.

      Светлана Крючкова сообщила о возможных причинах рака

      Last year a famous actress Svetlana Kryuchkova talked about his struggle with a terrible disease. The woman was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors are unable to diagnose the disease at an early stage, and sounded the alarm only when the cancer has become a threat to the life of the artist. In the program “live” Kryuchkov openly spoke about what could, in its opinion, cause such a serious illness. Beloved by millions of viewers, the actress recalled that she was poisoned with mercury. She and her husband lived on the second floor of the house, where under them for several years held a vast number of toxic substances.

      Svetlana Kryuchkova’s fighting cancer

      “How many times have we complained of feeling unwell, fainting, loss of consciousness. Found out our neighbor. His parents died, he came to the apartment with three children, decided to make the repairs. One wall was wet, called the plumbers. A wall bordered the Zhekovsky room, where he kept the belongings of the dead and planted. The door was jammed and the window was nailed sheet metal. When you pulled the nails and began to get close to the pipes, saw lying on the floor undisguised 400 grams of mercury, 256 times greater than normal. And all went to our apartment. In one room, it was exceeded 35 times, second 36”, – frankly said Kryuchkov.
      Светлана Крючкова сообщила о возможных причинах рака

      The actress said that ill-fated apartment, they lived for about seven years. She noticed the skin problems and overall deterioration of health. However, when Kryuchkov asked for help to doctors, they did not attach to her complaint a great value. According to her, doctors took treatment favorite of millions of viewers as a whim.

      “I think my illness is tied to this mercury,” suggested Svetlana.
      Светлана Крючкова сообщила о возможных причинах рака

      Guests in the Studio were amazed at such news. Colleagues remembered that when the son of Svetlana Nikolaevna was little, he was often ill.

      Also the actress spoke about another misfortune that came into her life. After the birth of the youngest son, she had a car accident and survived clinical death. Behind the wheel was her husband Alexander Molodtsov. Because of the ice, he lost control and crashed into a pole. Husband lucky hook – it after the accident, no scratches, and Svetlana went to the hospital, where he was on the verge of life and death. The reason for such a state, she assumed, was the doctor’s mistake. “Given the anesthesia, not calculated. Miscalculated,” recalled Kryuchkov.

      In spite of his condition after a serious accident, the actress quickly returned to the set, where in between her injections to maintain health.