Звезда «Уральских пельменей» отказалась от диет
Ilana Yuriev told how she manages to keep a good figure without any dietary restrictions.

Photo: photo: Photo from personal archive Ilana St George

The star of “Ural dumplings” admitted that not fattening, although violating many of the rules nutritionists. “Sometimes it can be a bowl of salad (only it should not be
more tablespoon of olive oil), ” says Ilana St. George. — And
can eat and immediately go to sleep. The rule “do not eat two-three-six hours
to sleep”, in my opinion, invented pseudo-nutritionists. Well, not asleep my body
on an empty stomach!”

About how to eat better,
the artist was conceived after a single case. A few years ago she decided to go on a diet and with the growth of 162 cm lost weight up to 47 kg. “And after
the diet I began to literally get fat from air, from skim
cheese — and gained ten pounds! After all, when the brain permanently suppresses
the desire to eat, he eventually breaks down, all the while giving the body
command: “Eat!” and people start bulimia…”

Since then, Ilana
listen to your body. “In the morning on an empty stomach I drink two
a glass of water. In half an hour
Breakfast — often cereal, it perfectly charges my body
energy. Eat oatmeal in the water (not boil, and steam) or buckwheat
milk. Sometimes cottage cheese (not low fat tasteless, and five per cent),
which adds something delicious: sweet yoghurt, kefir,
dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts (they are high in calories, but I love them, especially
almonds). But my most favorite Breakfast is a sandwich of black
bread with ripe, soft avocado, salted and drizzled with olive oil”. For dinner she bakes in the oven in foil fish or meat
Turkey, veal or chicken. On the side are buckwheat, rice or rice
the noodles and the vegetables.

Ilana indulges in no salt (just replaced it on the sea), nor sweet: “Just
“fast” carbohydrates — pure sugar, cakes, candy, chocolate (but
black, more than 50 percent, it is still possible) should be replaced by fruits and
dried fruit, nuts, candied fruit, honey.”

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