Настасья Самбурская показала идеальную фигуру в купальнике
The actress is resting with a friend in Ibiza.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: @samburskaya Instagram Nastasya Samburski

While detractors continue to throw vicious comments to the figures nastasi Lambrusco, which some time ago got serious about training in the gym, the actress demonstrates their shapes and pays no attention to criticism. Recently, the star of “Uni” went on vacation to Ibiza where fun in the company of his girlfriend — Natalia Employment.

Holiday pictures Nastasia turned “hot”. So, on one of the images Samburski posed in a revealing swimsuit that bared most of her Breasts. The male half of the fans of the actress her bold behavior was satisfied. But among women there are those who believe the figure of Nastasya’s not feminine. However, Samburski has long been accustomed to attacks in the comments and already seems to them to overreact.

We will remind that not so long ago, the actress undertook the rescue of homeless cats. She organized the sale of personal items, the proceeds of which went to the sterilization of street animals. By the way, the idea is to help to sterilize homeless animals visited Samburski is not accidental. The fact that one of her friend under Windows of a house divorced about 30 outdoor cats, which are fed by the locals. Some time ago, Nastasia called wanting to come and pick up any home. However, it is not particularly moved, so the artist decided to help sterilize stray “fuzzies” to stop population growth.

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