Оксана Фандера показала настоящего мужа
The actress said, ” I love Philip Yankovsky.

Оксана Фандера показала настоящего мужа

Filipp Yankovsky & Oksana Fandera

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Filipp Yankovsky

Photo: @veriga10 (Instagram Oksana Fandera)

The couple, who said last year silver wedding
(25 years of marriage), continues to surprise youthful touching
relations to each other. Oksana Fandera shared today by the Philip
Jankowski, who made, apparently, in the morning, immediately after waking up. Amazing
but 47-year-old actor looks older than his 25-year-old son Ivan. “And platted
birds nest in her hair…” joked Fandera over tousled hair
her husband.

Jankowski can be called one of the most famous
dynasties in the artistic world. After all, already the third generation of actors such
name gets on the Billboard. Ivan Yankovsky, incidentally, is now insanely popular,
it is removed along with Danila Kozlovsky, at the same time in multiple projects.

Shortly debut in the movie 21-year-old daughter Oksana and Philip. Elizabeth
Yankovskaya got a role in a new film directed by Oksana Bychkova, known for
the films “Peter FM” and “Plus one.” The film “Adults” tells the story of the confrontation between teenagers and their parents.

Unlike their children, Philip Jankowski removed the “point”
— only in global projects such as “Rasputin”, “the miracle worker”. Soon
time will premiere the series “Mysterious passion” after the eponymous
the novel by Vasily Aksenov. Philip in this project is one of the main roles.

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