The star of “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova is preparing for surgery on the liver

Звезда «Голоса» Оксана Казакова готовится к операции на печени Contestant struggles to help his mother. A relative of the singer was diagnosed with a serious disease. According to Kazakova, doctors put a disappointing diagnosis and reported that required surgical intervention.

      A few days ago contestant on “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova said that in her family there was a grief. Mother of the singer Tamara is suffering from a serious liver disease. The singer has opened a fundraiser, as the operation recommended by doctors and follow-up costs about four million rubles.

      According to Kazakova, many years ago, her cousin had a blood transfusion and accidentally brought Hepatitis C, which escalated into more severe liver disease. The actress said in the social network, what are the options of treatment offered by the doctors Tamara Egorovna.

      The star of the show “the Voice” Oksana Kazakova rescues mother

      “Now under examination at the Botkin hospital in St. Petersburg. Checked the thyroid, found nodes, blood passed. Said before February 15 will assemble the entire package and send to the Commission, which decides what to do next, to emergency surgery or to stop the process and heal, I have to wait, just wait. After we get back from the doctor – how much time is left,” – said Oksana.

      As explained by specialists, it is likely that her mother will need a transplant of liver cells. Oksana herself has agreed to be the donor. However, it is necessary to conduct a series of examinations to determine whether her body will fit.

      “I don’t know what to do if the blood matches, I too will pass inspection, and I already can not work. So I think your support is very needed. After all, I have to control everything, and if all fit, and we both have mom get surgery, then I won’t be able to control something. I need to be for the first time, the help of friends and maybe friends – physical, financial, moral. So far everything has been collected thanks to you, I sent my mom to the survey,” explained Kazakova.

      According to the artist, the collection of funds temporarily suspended. This sum will be enough for examination. She promised that after I get my hands on all the documents from the doctors, record a video message and try to ask for help to specialized charities.

      Kazakova thanked the caring people for support because she has a very hard time. Colleagues of the singer on the project “the Voice” promised to transfer the money earned at concerts, for the treatment of mother Oksana.