Nikolay Rastorguev: “All diets are full of crap”

Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» On February 21, the artist will celebrate 60 years. On the eve of the anniversary of the match said “StarHit” why the wife takes it on trips, and shared secret to a happy family life.

      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень»

      Main “butane” countries on 21 February will be 60 years. Anniversary Nikolay Rastorguev will celebrate at the “Crocus city Hall” performances on 23 and 24 February, solo in St. Petersburg on 26 February and a tour round on the country. But days before the anniversary concerts devoted to rehearsals.

      “During the holidays my family usually go to a nice restaurant, – says Nikolay Rastorguev “StarHit”. – But the New year always meet at home. Natalia prepares traditional dishes that we all love since childhood”.

      “At home I’m just a man”

      Nikolay Vyacheslavovich, you know that the wife will give you for an anniversary?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» No, Natasha loves to make surprises. Don’t know what will happen this time, but I love all sorts of gadgets. All the devices I have synced it.—
      2 Jan you celebrated 27 years of marriage. What, in your opinion, the secret to a happy marriage?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» There is a saying that the way to a man’s heart is through “the removal he of the brain.” But seriously, I will say the words of the toast which often say at weddings: gets any grandmother and says: “it’s Important to give each other!” Beyond the door, I – people’s artist, famous person, a soloist of “lube”, but at home – just my husband and I have the same responsibilities as all men: take out the trash in the winter to remove the snow, stopping for groceries (wife usually sends the list via WhatsApp). As for the plot, they fully engaged in Natalia, and he is one of the most beautiful in our village. All well maintained, manicured. I enjoy this picture. Love to stay at home. With my schedule it is difficult in advance to schedule a time for travel. But Natalia loves to travel: she is the route, reserve hotels, choose the rooms with a good view, takes a car…
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень»
      How do you relax?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» The rest is change of occupation. I regularly go to World Class, try to keep in shape. Trainer made for me a few workouts that I perform, alternating as needed. To your diet I too am carefully, but on a diet is not sitting – it’s all complete crap, the component of big business and one of the many ways of obtaining money from the population. If I see that I gained weight during and reduce intake of carbohydrates: sugars, pasta, bread and so on.—
      Did not give up Smoking?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» No, although it is very harmful. I will tell you an amazing thing. In Soviet times, every citizen was obliged to undergo annual medical examination and then a screening system was destroyed. And so last week I went to the clinic for some help and at the same time decided to do chest x-rays for the first time in 25 years. Shudder to expect the sentence, but it turns out I have clean lungs. Despite the fact that I smoke from 16! It was one of the most joyous news lately.

      “Courage was gone”

      Friends often see each other?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» Not as often as before. In the old days, we were going in the club “Cinema”, there went all Moscow Beau Monde Thursdays were the club days were different groups. We played pool, drank a bit, had fun as they could. And now rarely go into the billiard room – courage had disappeared. But if you return, I quickly will recover and again will play at a decent Amateur level. With friends sometimes you’re just: to eat, to communicate.—
      And of the modern singers who impressed you?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» Concerts colleagues rarely go, and if there are, usually behind the scenes. When he came artists such as Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, sting, Joe Cocker, of course, I tried not to miss their performances. —
      Your youngest son, Cole for 23 years. He looks at you is very similar. What else you have in common?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» Sons often adopt the habits of their fathers – until the gait, manners and, by the way, what to adopt is not worth it. For example, nick, as I irritable on trifles. I try to fight this habit, but so far without success… actually, nick, that the Pasha (the son of the pilot, from his first marriage, he this year will be 40. – Approx. “StarHit”) – great guys. Nick is a student at St. Petersburg University of cinema and television. Pasha – promoter. And my granddaughter Sonya 11. Unfortunately, we get to see her often – I am constantly at work, and her employment method: school musical, drama club, dancing. And she’s a straight-a student!
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень»
      And songs your granddaughter is listening?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» I do not know. Maybe. Kolka at her age when I enable “lube” somehow shy, but when I was not home, listened to me Natalia has told.—
      Concerts on 23 and 24 February sons will come?
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень» Come! And even in concert in addition to “lube” will involve my friends and colleagues. Now we call up, agree that they released dates. In any case, the concert is going to be interesting, be sure to feature hits “Lyube”. Go!
      Николай Расторгуев: «Все диеты – это полная хрень»