Sadalsky ribbed age pregnant Dovlatova

Садальский пошутил над возрастом беременной Довлатовой The actor joined the numerous congratulations of fans leading. According to Stanislav Sadalsky, Alla Dovlatov deserves the title of mother-heroine. The artist believes that the star did the right thing, not being scared to give birth for the fourth time.

      Садальский пошутил над возрастом беременной Довлатовой

      Recently it became known that 42-year-old presenter Alla Dovlatov is going to become a mother for the fourth time. The kid stars of “Russian radio” will be born in early summer. Alla feels good and does not intend to go on maternity leave expecting a baby. Recently, the actor Stanislav Sadalsky spoke on the topic of interesting situation of a celebrity. The artist has published a humorous post, and also congratulated Alla Dovlatov and her husband.

      Alla Dovlatov is waiting for fourth child

      Members of the actor supported him and wished the expectant mother all the best. “If the husband is good, then think about adding to the family we can think of the fifties”, “I think she’s great, just do not afraid”, “Class”, “If you want, then barriers do not exist”, “that’s Right, kids – it’s wonderful”, “Clever girl, Alla! Talented and beautiful humans should be more”, “Everything will be fine”, “alle easy delivery and quick recovery”, “the Happy woman”, “jealous”, “I’m 47, and am raising two grandchildren. Decided not to have another child. And her Bravo!”, “She is not crazy and age is not the limit”, “Take the example,” wrote social media users.

      “She was crazy to give birth to the fourth to fifth decade. Doctor mark Kurtser said that two months appears perfectly healthy girl, and the star of “Russian radio” has a good chance to get the fifth, and then sixth… Sergei Sobyanin will just have to give them a two-bedroom apartment. And Vladimir Vladimirovich is to put the star mother-heroine… Now you see why I refused to play with Alla performance “Divorce in Moscow”, where Alla with a huge belly portrayed the old spinster. Most interesting is that her viewers believe it, but said, “Oh, and fat,” he joked Sadalsky.

      Later, Alla Dovlatova thanked fans for their support, and friends – for the delicacy. “Thank you my dear subscribers, who yesterday bathed me in a gentle and kind greetings on the occasion of happy events in our family! Big thank you to my friends and colleagues who helped me to keep it a secret for so long!” wrote presenter in his microblog.

      Fans Dovlatova wrote that he was happy for her. “Oh, how clever”, “I heartily congratulate you! She recently became a mother and now I know that the children are the happiness and wealth”, “Health and beauty”, “Also want a baby this year”, “wow!”, “Clever!”, “You are a superwoman. As much to hide the most important thing? Wish you all the best,” was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.