Звезда «Голоса» отсудила у экс-супруга «особенную» дочь после ее похищения Opera singer recently experienced a child abduction, a former spouse Svetlana Fedulova tried to steal the girl. Within a few months, the actress pleaded with Sergey for the right of residence of his daughter, who suffers from down syndrome, with her. And recently the claim Svetlana was satisfied.
Звезда «Голоса» отсудила у экс-супруга «особенную» дочь после ее похищения

The owner of the high voice was able to achieve unprecedented heights in his career, but in his personal life failed 31-year-old singer winter filed for divorce from her husband, who later tried to kidnap their child in front of mother.

Fortunately, the court sided with the mother and left the daughter with her, ordering the father to pay double child support because of a disability Sony. However, to achieve benefits from Sergei Khomitskaya have not yet succeeded.

We will remind, long time star of “the Voice” pleaded with ex-St for the right to educate a girl. Married, Svetlana dreamed of a happy family. However, Sergei began to demand that she left work and did only family. In addition, he began to beat the artist. Not having sustained, she filed for divorce, insisting that her daughter Sonia, born with down syndrome, lived with her.

“This story happened two days before the trial, when, in principle, should adjudge and determine the child’s place of residence. The husband wanted the child to live with him in the Czech Republic. At the end of April my mom flew in for the hearing on the divorce and filed a counter claim saying that I want to pick up the child. Why not just voiced at the meetings. For example, that my stuff found the drugs. The head does not fit! Well, of course, the court is not even taken into consideration. And the husband said I hinder to communicate with the child,” — said Svetlana.

Звезда «Голоса» отсудила у экс-супруга «особенную» дочь после ее похищения

Once the singer made concessions to the wife and allowed him to see Sonia. But at some point, Sergei abruptly grabbed the girl in his arms and tried to escape with her.

“The child cannot be freed from the usual conditions and to take in some rented apartment in Khimki! Now her neurologists prescribed medications, and they are at my house. Not so — we have a child unusual. But at this moment the men in black grabbed me and dragged to the end of the hall, holding hands break out. And he was with Sonia on hand they ran on. My friend immediately ran after him, and I shouted: “Help, I have been trying to steal the baby. This is my child!” recalled Svetlana.

Litigation, seemed to have no end. At one of the meetings of Sergey and did not appear, and his lawyer literally ran away from the hall. Despite the attempts of her husband to denigrate her, she was able to regain his “special” daughter. By judicial decision, the child stayed with her.

“Now all things Sonya in this private house. But we live in a large apartment in Moscow with her parents, in my family nest. Children have a lot of space: two bedrooms, large hallway, where she likes to walk with the pram. I’m pulling it, although in the past it was difficult. But I’m used to,” he shared with Svetlana Womanhit.ru.