Жанна Эппле о конфликте с матерью: «Она даже правнука не видела» Zhanna Epple for many years in conflict with his mother and long lost hope to establish a relationship with her. According to the actress, the great-grandmother is not even trying to see the little grandson.
Жанна Эппле о конфликте с матерью: «Она даже правнука не видела»

Looking for 53-year-old Jeanne Epple, it’s hard to believe that she was a grandmother. Now all thoughts of the actress busy baby North, who was born in February 2018. The star admits that child became her main joy, a source of inspiration. However, Jeanne frustrating is that even the appearance of a great-grandson forced her mother to get in touch with relatives.

“Mom, even your great-grandchildren have not seen. About meeting not requested. Father Potapov, my ex-husband, too, in my opinion, doesn’t even know that his grandson was born. People are very strange like that happens. That we don’t communicate with my husband, I’m not worried. Feel nothing for him – ten years we don’t see him at all. As for mom, I am very sad, of course, that so happens. Speak on the phone sometimes, but it’s extremely rare,” shared the actress.
Жанна Эппле о конфликте с матерью: «Она даже правнука не видела»

According to Epple, their relationship with mother was always far from ideal. Earlier, the actress admitted that internally compressed during each conversation with the mother, fearing her wrath. Mom different severity and was always sceptical towards the achievements of the daughter.

Now Janna doesn’t hold a grudge for a relative. According to star, they hardly ever manage to get close, because blood ties for the emergence of sincere love is not enough — there can not do without daily care about each other.

“Relationships are built life: you can’t make peace, to start to be friends and love each other. I respect my mother, grateful to her for her life. But how it happened — it happened,” said Joan in an interview.

But with his own sons Epple to avoid similar mistakes is not going to. She is incredibly close with the 26-year-old Potapov, and 17-year-old Efim. Recently the family of Joan, and there was another joyful event: she finished to pay the mortgage for the apartment, which is home to her large family.

“In this apartment we live together: I, the daughter-in-law, grandson and my two sons! Daughter-in-law I have done, took matters into my own hands. I’m not going to cook, all of it. I only eat. Honestly, successfully married son,” boasted the actress.

Epple tries to do everything to ease the life of her son and daughter-in-law. Dealing with “Sobesednik” she said that always willing to sit with six-month-old grandson, cancelling for the sake of meeting friends and even Dating. Apparently, after two failed marriages and several novels with a sad ending, Jeanne decided to find himself in the care of her grandson, lost in pleasant trouble with the head.