Мария Максакова сильно располнела In March of last year Opera diva lost her husband – politician Denis Voronenkov was shot in the center of Kiev. After the death of her husband Maria Maksakova drastically lost weight and changed her image. However, judging by recent photos, the singer was able to return to their previous weight.
Мария Максакова сильно располнела

After the murder in the center of Kiev politician Denis Boronenkov, about the life of his wife there are different stories. For more than a year Maria Maksakova lives in Ukraine with his youngest son Ivan, continuing to perform on foreign stages.

In Moscow, despite the fact that there are two children from his first marriage, the diva is in no hurry. Many of her fans seem to be completely forgotten, looks like a 40-year-old star. Recently in the Network appeared fresh pictures of Mary, which surprised the fans – Maria Maksakova, more recently, prijava his painful thinness, very stout.

Мария Максакова сильно располнела

POS e the death of her husband the Opera singer lost a lot of weight. Many worried about her health, realizing that radical changes – the consequences of severe stress. At the same time Maksakova decided on a radical change of image – she parted with blond curls and made a stylish short haircut.

Now, the actress is a single mother with two year old Vanya. The older children who were born from businessman Vladimir Tyurin, living in Moscow with my dad. 13-year-old Elijah and 10-year-old Folk not seen my mother since her sudden transfer to Kyiv.

Мария Максакова сильно располнела“When I left, I didn’t know what will be waiting for me upon arrival. Unfortunately, I can not come to Moscow and can’t see mom, dad and two beloved children. To leave – it was the choice of Dennis, because he is half Ukrainian. When husband and wife become told, one flesh, we should not think about other people and their actions. For its part, we must behave in a way that pleases the Lord God. That’s marriage,” shared the actress in one of TV programs.
Мария Максакова сильно располнела

Last fall between Maria and ex-wife of her deceased husband was a scandal over the estate Boronenkov. So, the Opera singer had a right to claim part of an elite apartment in Central Moscow, inhabited by the ex-wife of the murdered politician. During the life of the Deputy, his neighbor sued him in court, accusing Denis in the capture of area residents – we are talking about the appropriation of 133 meters, a technical room, after which the six-room apartment became a nine-room. More than a year Evgeny Samusenko fought for justice, and the court took his side.