The star of the show “the penalty box” will become the wife of Yaglych

Звeзда сериала «Штрафник» станет женой Яглыча
Ieva Andreeviche and Vladimir Yaglych will play a major role in the historical Thriller.

Звeзда сериала «Штрафник» станет женой Яглыча

Ieva Andreeviche

Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/TASS

Vladimir Yaglych

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Actress Ieva Andreeviche, who played the main female role in the TV series “the penalty box” (it is now on the First channel) will be the partner of Vladimir Yaglych in the historical Thriller “Prophetic Oleg”, the shooting of which began today.

The film tells about the beginning of the great Russian Prince Oleg, called Prophetic,
United scattered Slavic tribes and is considered the founder of
The Kievan Rus. To work on the painting will involve the best stuntmen and
special effects specialists. “We orientirueshsya on
the format, popular among the international audience, such as the TV series “Vikings” and
“Game of thrones” — said the producer of the film Dmitry Litvinov and Vladimir Kyllburg. Among the actors involved in “Prophetic Oleg” also Daniel Yakushev (“Kiss!”,
The team) — he got the role of Smolensk Prince Armenia.