Niece of Princess Diana debuted on the catwalk

Племянница принцессы Дианы дебютировала на подиуме
Lady Spencer became a professional model.

Племянница принцессы Дианы дебютировала на подиуме

Kitty Spencer

Photo: @kitty.spencer/Instagram

Princess Diana

Photo: PA Photos/TASS

Niece of the late Princess Diana kitty Spencer has surprised everyone: it is for the first time
appeared on the podium. Interestingly, her debut, kitty has taken place in “anniversary” a year or 20 years ago, in 1997, tragically died
the famous aunt Debs — Diana. Say, the appearance of a kitty on the catwalk caused
disapproval as clan of Spencers and the Royal family. However, lady
Kitty Spencer is, like, totally not confused. She relaxed
paraded in front of the audience gathered at the fashion show, held as part of Milan fashion Week, causing
approved by the participants. 26-year-old aristocrat took part in the demonstration
models of new collections of clothes from Dolce
& Gabbana.

Lady kitty never hid his
striving to achieve recognition in the modeling business. But she had a long time to overcome the resistance of his father,
Earl Charles Spencer, brother of Princess Diana. He was convinced that
profession model, unworthy of the attention of the heiress of an aristocratic family. But
Kitty, it seems, finally managed to change my dad. And now, at the end
the show, which lady Spencer was highly appreciated by experts, happy
niece Diana shared their impressions in social networks: “It was for
I’m honored! Many thanks to the organizers of the show. I enjoyed it
every second!”

Lady kitty, daughter of Earl Spencer and his now
already the ex-wife of former model Victoria Lockwood, was born
in Britain. However, the greater part of his life she spent in South Africa, where
Earl moved with his family in 1995-m to year. She stayed here to live with
mother after his parents divorced. Though
Kitty received an excellent education, graduating from the University of cate Town, specialty
“English literature”. However, this did not dampen her desire to become a model. Some of the detractors kitty suspected
she used his family connections,
to break into the ranks of participating in the show. It’s hard to say whether it is or not.
When lady Spencer has long been his “EconoMode” get-together and got
your own useful contacts in this area.