In Russia is gaining popularity project “Kind of a millionaire” Stas Ermilova

В России набирает популярность проект "Доброго миллионера" Стаса Ермилова
In Russia there is a Good millionaire who gives his money to people who do good things.

Stas Ermilov, 27 year old businessman, decided to provoke people to commit good deeds and award them a cash prize. Once a week, he gives the task and who performed it, gives the amount of 15000 thousand rubles and promises that the year will give 1000000 rubles!

Who is he this generous and kind man. Stas was born in the town of Ufa, where he spent absolutely carefree childhood with consequences: he was expelled several times from school and not taken in grade 10. But this did not prevent him to finish school, and then two of College and start their own business. Stas – cheerful young businessman who believes in giving, he receives more. Today, on account of his organized business –target to raise funds for those whose lives depend on medical care, and rescue homeless animals, support young and older people, the help which came in the hour when they needed it.

Stas: “Thanks to everyone who makes this world better! We have great deals! Yes, life, unfortunately, is very hard and unfair for many people! I’m sure we can help anyone we can! A millionaire is the one who helps others to get rich!”

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