Звезда сериала «Волчонок» Тайлер Пози заявил, что он — не гей

The star of the show “the Wolf” (Teen Wolf) Tyler Posey has denied the information about his sexual orientation, and video, which he posted on his page in the social network Snapchat is incorrect.

Last Friday he posted a video on which stands under the sign of Gay Street (Gay Street) in new York and says, “It’s me. I – it’s me. I’ve never felt more alive than now. I’m gay!”.
To say that after social networks buzzed – means to say nothing. All only talked about the Positive statements about his sexual orientation. However, the happiness of gays that their regiment arrived, was short-lived. The next day he denied his statement and said that just wanted to “spread the love”.
“I advocate that love defeated hatred. And I’m not gay. I fully support the LGBT community, and in that moment I wanted to say about it” said Posey.
Recall that Tyler broke up with his fiancee Sienna and Garlic in 2014, and since then has not been seen in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex. So after such a loud statement, no matter how much Posey was not called straight, and some doubts about its “naturalness” will be present.

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