Сайентологи подбирают невест Тому Крузу

About bond girl heard everything but the girl Tom cruise? It turns out, casting the last role will be more serious than some kind of selection for the film. A former parishioner of the Church of Scientology Katie Schenkelberg, told recently an interesting story. A few years ago when she was an active follower of the Church, she had to pass the interview, the purpose of which she learned only after.

“I thought I was going through a job interview. It was recorded on camera. I was asked where I come from and at what level of Scientology I am. And then asked if I liked Tom cruise. I didn’t even think, what is the purpose of this question and answered in no uncertain terms that I hate him and I think infantile narcissistic type. When the interview was over, I went out into the corridor and saw one actress. She asked if I was listening. And then it turned out that I passed the casting for the role of girl Tom cruise” — said Schenkelberg. And there is no doubt that the beloved actor after this answer she wasn’t mean to be.
Recall that a number of famous and not so famous people who had a relationship to the sect earlier confirmed the information that the Church alone is looking for partners for their members, in particular, Tom cruise. The star of the movie “Mission impossible” was twice married, and twice his marriage was unsuccessful. In the Church think that the problem is not the perception of Tom’s wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes of this religion. By the way, now neither one nor the other woman are not eager to communicate with her ex-husband, and That he almost forgot about his only blood daughter Suri, born in the last marriage, and even congratulated daughter of the decade.

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