Натали ошарашила эротическим снимком Fans compare the singer with the forest fairy. Natalie never ceases to amaze with new images. The star was dressed from head to toe in conifer branch and opened the neckline, featuring low cut incredibly followers of his microblog.

      Natalie followers in Instagram never ceases to amaze. After a series of photos with pink hair, the singer has published a new way. This time to repaint the hair was not necessary, because the head of the star is completely covered with branches of pine wood.

      A cursory glance at the photo it seems that the Hemlock tree came to life. He had slender legs, voluminous bust and a charming woman’s face. However, if you look closely, you can see that in the branches hid Natalie. Apparently, for maximum effect, the singer naked. Therefore, the can be safely called erotic.

      “Nicole, you’re adorable”, “Holy smoke, wow… I Have no words”, “Erotic, cute, but decent”, “I just cannot find the words to Express his admiration”, “Natasha, you are the goddess of unearthly beauty”, “Super-tree! Delight and admiration” “Oh God, what a tree…” – with humor reacted to the new pictures of the star her fans.

      Photo published @natali_star74 Aug 1 2016 10:34 PDT

      However, Natalie is known for excellent ability to make fun of him. The artist is not averse to show their sense of humor. Besides, she does not hesitate to experiment with looks. Sometimes new images of the singer of the hit “O God, what a man” are quite original.

      For example, not long ago, the star that fans know and love as a bright blonde, came out of the beauty shop with pale pink hair. Unusual hair color she described very ingenious – oyster abdomen”. As proof of this, Natalie had posted a photo collage with this oyster.

      It is worth noting that the star gets a lot of support from her loved ones. The singer was very grateful and pleased that the beloved husband is not jealous of her numerous admirers, and the kids are on their own experience were able to see how much hard work moms.

      The son of singer Natalie confused mom with Valeria

      “There were, of course, the moment when it seemed to me that my sons don’t quite understand what I do. It is my job seen as easy, fun and relaxing, which is what I always feared. So I asked them to do my video for the song “Volodya”. During the filming of the video the boys realized what hard work it is to be an artist,” shared Natalie in an interview with reporters.

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