The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova praying over dead son

Звезда сериала «Ольга» Яна Троянова молится за погибшего сына Today, Nicholas would turn 27 years old. Yana Troyanova has left a post on the page in a social network, where bitterly thought of the death of the heir. Members supported the artist.

The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova told subscribers of his microblog today that her son Nicholas would have turned 27 years. The young man died in 2010. As it became known earlier, he killed himself. According to relatives of the actress, the guy had a drug problem.

“Happy birthday, son. Today you would be 27. But you made a different choice. Your choice. I have prayer. Fly. I’m sorry,” wrote Troyanova, put the If on the page in Instagram.

The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova lost son

Admirers of stars leave words of condolence in the comments to the post. Many say that it is very hard to lose a child. “Let your son we’ll be safer there than we are here,” “you, Yanochka, have the strength to live with this wound in the heart, can not imagine, and God save all the mothers from this pain”, “Jan, I sincerely wish that both he and you, being in other worlds found the long-awaited peace,” wrote the followers Troyanova.

Recall that the star of the show does not speak openly of a successor in numerous interviews. According to Troyanova, it is very painful to remember that period of life. After Nicholas did not, the actress could not recover for about three years. Celebrity says that to cope with the disaster helped her husband Vasily Sigarev.

Troyanova rarely communicates with other members of the family. Most loved Actresses live in Ekaterinburg. The very movie star chose to move to Moscow, because after the tragedy it did not hold anything in his hometown. Yana’s relatives told the “StarHit” about the death of Nicholas. According to Elena, sister of the artist, the guy got into bad company and started using drugs.

“Nick grew up like a normal teenager, recalled cousin Yana. – Played sports, played hockey. Normally I studied. All was well until, until they moved to another area. The nephew fell in with bad company. Drugs, alcohol. Everyone noticed the change in the stake. Jan tried to spend more time with him, helped with money. After school, he never studied, didn’t work. We all told him that it was time to take action. But he didn’t hear. We were unable to save him from death. They took their genes”.