Yana Poplavskaya compare Olga Buzova with a woman from a brothel

Яна Поплавская сравнила Ольгу Бузову с женщиной из борделя The actress did not like a bold presenter of the awards Music Box. Yana Poplavskaya decided that Olga Buzova appeared at the event in inappropriate way. At the same time, fans of the presenter, on the contrary, found that she looked amazing.
Яна Поплавская сравнила Ольгу Бузову с женщиной из борделя

Last weekend in Moscow hosted the award Music Box, where traditionally gathered many stars of show business – Polina Gagarina Valery, Nyusha, Kristina Orbakaite, Anita Tsoi, Nikolai Baskov, Tree, Sergey Lazarev and Ani Lorak, Polina, Katya LEL, Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, Christian Kostov and others. One of the most talked about moments of the evening was the appearance of Olga Buzova. The budding performer made a splash in the transparent jumpsuit, allowing you to appreciate her toned figure. Host of the event Anna Grachevskaya chose a similar outfit, which provoked a heated debate on the Network.

Olga Buzova and Anna Grachevskaya appeared on awards in similar transparent outfits

Not all Internet users have evaluated the images of celebrities. Spiteful critics Olga Buzova as usual criticized her appearance on the red carpet. According to them, the star should have chosen more closed and strict outfit. “At the height of fashion. A bit overdone”, “it is not know how to attract attention”, “When you want to stand out,” is discussed in the Network. In one such discussion was attended by the actress Yana Poplavskaya. The woman strongly like a blatant Romper Olga Buzova. In the opinion of Poplavskaya, the organizers had to worry about the dress code and say goodbye to those guests who do not follow the rules.

Solntsev about Poplavskaya: “Now her fate is to pour mud on girls like Buzova”

At the same time, fans of Olga, on the contrary, he supported her and advised not to pay attention to the attacks of the enemies. They found that Buzova has once again failed to make his appearance an event that will long be discussed in the Network. “Amazing. Such a figure is possible to show”, “Nine of nine”, “Honey, you’re just a space”, “Boldly”, “Beautiful”, “She came in that outfit to the event, not walking the streets”, “Boldly”, “What are you here to see this?”, “Fire”, “If Olga had appeared in the ordinary dress, it would still have begun to discuss and to write like her. It’s not that she’s being inappropriate, and that you despise it”, commented fans Buzova.

Note that in the evening Olga left the ceremony empty-handed. The star presented the award in a special nomination “the Wave”. “Finally, Olga Buzova got my long-awaited reward! Congratulations and wish them further success”, – wrote the Music Box on his page in Instagram.