Mother Dana Borisova ready to sell the apartment to repay its debts

Мать Даны Борисовой готова продать квартиру, чтобы погасить ее долги Cousin of TV presenter told how a situation in their family. According to Catherine, very soon they will have money to repay a foreign currency loan so it’s ready to sell the apartment. Now the most important to her – her daughter’s health.
Мать Даны Борисовой готова продать квартиру, чтобы погасить ее долги

About a week ago Dana Borisova openly talked about battle with drug addiction and other problems in the program “the Secret to a million.” Within five months, the TV host is undergoing treatment in rehab in Thailand. The appearance of the mother in the Studio of Lera Kudryavtseva Dana took skeptical.

“My mother is right TV star. She earns on transfers, walks and talks about my condition,” shavila then Borisov.

However, such a remark daughters not hurt Catherine once again become a guest of the TV program. In the show “the Stars aligned” the woman said, as things stand now in their family. This parent admitted that much took care of the daughter, and too much attention to Dane turned against her. The woman calls herself a codependent person.

“My love was just smothering my children. She didn’t make them yourself. And at some difficult moment when they were to survive, they broke. The most correct thing I have done is I gave Dan professionals. I believe she will recover as she realized and accepted the problem, and most importantly,” said mom Borisova.

Catherine claims that her love has moved to a form of obsession. According to relatives Borisova, she did the right thing, speaking about her daughter’s problems, as addicts often deny their illness.

While Dana tries to recover, her mother was experiencing serious financial difficulties. Catherine tries to sell a car presenter.

“This desire is a given, because it has since 2008, there is a monetary loan that she took when she was born Pauline, for the purchase of the townhouse. She paid almost 700 thousand dollars. There are still 49 thousand. Until November, This is money in the account, they will automatically be charged. And then – everything,” said Catherine.

The mother of the actress said that even ready to sell the apartment in the Crimea, if necessary. This Moscow apartment is empty. Daughter Borisova lives with her father, Maxim Aksenov. A man does not give the grandmother to see his granddaughter. “He is motivated by the psyche and the health of Pauline. It is now very difficult,” said the mother of This. By the way, the woman decided not to fight for custody of Pauline. She sees that father and the girl live very well.