The star of the show “Dancing” is suing the doctors after the tragedy

Звезда шоу «Танцы» судится с врачами после трагедии Evgeny Smirnov for four years trying to get justice. Participant of the show “Dancing” lost his leg in the accident. According to the dancer, for three days doctors do not provide it with necessary assistance, with the result that he developed gas gangrene.

      Звезда шоу «Танцы» судится с врачами после трагедии

      Last year the appearance of Eugene Smirnov at the casting show “Dancing” deeply touched the audience. A young man with an amputated leg could give odds to many competitors. Along with a namesake Daria Smirnova, he made a lasting impression on the jury project, which unanimously decided to give the pair to participate in the contest.

      Real boys: can you dance on one foot, or hearing music?

      Evgeny Smirnov remembers in every detail the accident, after which his leg was amputated. He said in the program “live” details of the tragedy that occurred four years ago.

      “Riding on a moped, hit me “prior”. When it struck, I flew as written in the documents of 30 meters. When he looked back, saw that the driver had left – I remembered the dancer. He turned around and went in the other direction. I touched the head scalp hanging from his head. Started to stand on his left leg. Supplied to the right and felt pain.”
      Звезда шоу «Танцы» судится с врачами после трагедии

      Eugene noticed that his cry were people who tried though as-that to help the victim of an accident. Some time later, the driver of the car who knocked the dancer, is back on the scene.

      The Studio program had a wife of the perpetrator of the tragedy Lyudmila Lobodenko. She said that after the accident she and her husband came to the hospital to Eugene and was wondering what is necessary to help the young man. After the trial her husband was sentenced to three years probation.

      “I came to the hospital asked the doctor, explained to us that all is well, all is normal,” – said the woman.
      Звезда шоу «Танцы» судится с врачами после трагедии

      Moreover, now Lyudmila’s hard to remember about her husband, who recently died. She did not say under what circumstances he left the life of her husband. Presenter Boris korchevnikov wanted to comment on the rumors that Michael killed himself supposedly because of the guilt of Eugene, but the woman said nothing.

      It became clear that Smirnov did not want to break the life of a man, and therefore did not require severe punishment. He understood that the driver has two children and he was the only breadwinner in the family.

      “When was all the courts, demanded nothing, only justice. Yeah, he’s got kids, well, just human factor. When was in the hospital, I thought, maybe he didn’t see me, maybe scared, did not want to put a man in prison,” – said Smirnov.
      Звезда шоу «Танцы» судится с врачами после трагедии

      Eugene admitted that blames the driver in the incident, an accident. He’s outraged that doctors were not able to give him needed help, so three days he spent in the hospital, he developed gas gangrene.

      “I still suzhus with them. I believe that the guilt in them than in an accident, – says Eugene. – This accident – it happens. But when you get to the professional…”

      Last year a dancer did offer his beloved Irina. Apparently, their feelings eventually faded. Now he’s happy with the girl Anastasia, whom he met at the airport when their flight was delayed. Eugene had dined in the cafe, and the girl noticed him and came over to Express his admiration. Despite the fact that they parted in different cities, the next day, the dancer found his friend in social networks.