Vitas solves the problem of paternity

Витас решает проблемы отцовства The artist explained why not go to dad’s house in Odessa. In the program “Let them talk” he apologized to the family member who have not even seen their grandchildren. According to environment, the relationship of the father and son went wrong.

      Витас решает проблемы отцовства

      Singer Vitas, known to the audience with his strong voice, became the guest of the program “Let them talk”. Presenter Andrei Malakhov showed footage, taken in the hometown of the artist, Odessa, where he appeared for several years. The Vitas had an uneasy relationship with his father Vladas. They hadn’t spoken in about three years.

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      One day the man wrote his son in the social network the letter, which touched the artist deeply. Broadcast showed the appeal of the father. “Hello, son. Decided to write to you while alive…Man is mortal… the Main thing is suddenly mortal. I was at that age that it can happen at any time. The conversations we have with you as something does not add up… When I go to the other world, no monuments…” – so begins the letter of Vladas sent in may 2016.

      In the Studio of Andrey Malakhov Vitas admitted that he really broke relations with the Pope. However, the news from a relative touched the soul star.

      “Last time I saw my father roughly three years ago. Throughout my 37 years of life he never so sincerely did not say in that letter, ” said Vitas.
      Витас решает проблемы отцовства

      During the broadcast of the program “Let them talk” singer invited his father for the New year to visit his family. On this day, dad Vitas will be able to meet their second grandson, Maxime. “We love you, waiting. A huge thank you for what you have supported me in childhood as they could” – appealed to the artist Vladas.

      According to the cousin of the actor Yana, family relationships deteriorated after grandpa died Vitas Arkady Davidovich. A relative of the musician appeared in the program. She believes that her brother has not seen his father, as he grieved the death of his mother. “She was my sorceress. From me she did all the time a Princess” – described by Jan, the mother of singer Lily, who passed away in 2001.

      At the end of the program in the Studio there was a 75-year-old Leonid p. from Kherson, who claims that he is the biological father of Vitas. Relatives of the mother of the artist noted that she never knew the man. However, the alleged father, the singer remembered that he had met with the Ukrainian beauty at the dance and spent the evening with her.

      “A very good story but not quite true,” said Vitas.

      He was supported by family and friends. Producer artist Sergey Pudovkin believes that people are too much interested in the life of Vitas. According to him, the contractor is very concerned about the death of my mother and grandfather, and a difficult relationship with dad. “I’m sorry that he is exposed to such insults,” – said the representative of the singer.

      However, Vitas has agreed to a DNA procedure that will establish their relationship with Leonid Petrovich. Probably, he decided to make concessions for the elderly person. At the end of the program the artist has pleased the audience in the Studio performance of one of his songs.