Избранница Вадима Казаченко высказалась о конфликте с его беременной женой Irina Amanti shared his version of the sensational stories. According to the Director of the artist, his legal wife was deliberately recorded conversations with him in order to be able to blackmail him. Irina said that himself Vadim Kazachenko never loved Olga Martynov, though, and married her.

      Избранница Вадима Казаченко высказалась о конфликте с его беременной женой

      Conflict in the family of Vadim Kazachenko, which became public last week, shocked the whole country. Legal wife of the artist, Olga Martynova, said that at the moment she is carrying his child, but he learned about the interesting position of the wife supposedly put her out the door. Once on the street, a young woman firmly decided that I would publicize this story and make a loved one feel bad about myself. Olga appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”, where he shared his experiences.

      “Let them talk”:Vadim Kazachenko left a pregnant wife

      A week later spoke about the incident and the current darling of Kozachenko and part of its Director Irina Amanti. Earlier, the woman allowed herself a taunting comments on his page on “Facebook”, where she even threatened to take away Olga Martynova baby when it’s born. Irina stresses that two years ago her beloved man married another woman allegedly unconscious, and the next day after the marriage ceremony, repented of his actions. According to Amanti, Martynov Kazachenko never loved, though from time to time and entered her in an intimate relationship.

      Избранница Вадима Казаченко высказалась о конфликте с его беременной женой

      “No one is bothered that she had recorded conversations with Vadim calling him on the phone, and then gave it to the press? Why she wrote them — so it then blackmail? – says Irina. – If people really wanted a family, children, he would turn on the recorder during normal family conversations?”

      Speaking about the communication with “the other woman”, Director Vadim Kozachenko confessed that to build a dialogue they fail. Amanti also remembered the episode when Martynov allegedly wanted to knock it while driving.

      “And you know, I now seriously fear for the lives of himself and Vadim. It is unknown what it can do. It has been the case. We flew off the road during the project “one to One”, went on shooting, I was standing at the door, in the hands of me were bags with the concert costumes. At this time, she drove the car to my driveway and almost hit me at the last moment I jumped. My heart sunk in that moment,” recalled Irina Amanti.

      In conversation with journalists the woman, who now calls itself the civil wife of the performer of the hit “Hurt me hurt”, also told about the intention to hire security for himself and his chosen one. Amanti fears that the actor abandoned the pregnant girl again dare to desperate acts. In conversation with the publication Life.ru Irina also said that she has something to show to the opponent.