Звезду сериала «Ольга» Сергея Романовича затравили после 12-часовой операции The young man always wanted a beard, so decided on surgery. Sergei Romanovich went to the clinic where he underwent the transplant of hair follicles from the back face. He is planning to tell how is his rehabilitation, in social networks.
Звезду сериала «Ольга» Сергея Романовича затравили после 12-часовой операции

25-year-old actor Sergei Romanovich, known to participate in the series “Olga” and “Chernobyl: exclusion Zone” underwent a complex 12-hour operation, which was announced in the video on the YouTube channel. Live artist has gained more than 1.8 million views. Within three days after the operation, he was forbidden to touch the face, so he slept with his hands tied and did not take off the clothes that were in the hospital.

R. admitted that he barely survived when he had anesthesia. However, he sees that this painful procedure it is possible to suffer.

“The hard thing was to tolerate the injections, especially in the area of the chin. I clenched my legs, I think I even left bruises. (…) I had a donor area on the nape, and from there withdrew follicles and transplanted to the face. Seized about four thousand units, it is considered very much. In total the fence lasted four hours, setting also. Of course, there were breaks,” said the young man.
Звезду сериала «Ольга» Сергея Романовича затравили после 12-часовой операции

After a couple of weeks the redness on the skin should completely disappear, said the actor, and the bristles will begin to grow about 2-3 a month. After six months after the operation, Sergei needs to emerge a real beard.

Some believe that R. knowingly tolerated such punishment. Similar artist too, not just his decision to do the surgery. According to the actor, since childhood, he dreamed of the dense vegetation on the face.

“Many people ask: “Why do you have a beard, why do you want this monstrosity?” I don’t think so. I think the beard is the ornament of any man. Since childhood, I dreamed of a beard, bought a special spray. So when the opportunity came up to do a full beard, I realized that this was my real chance. Of course, at first mom was scared, she was in shock, saying, “Lord, I’m gonna be sick”. But it has now become normal,” said the young man.

Video Romanovich has provoked heated debate on the Network. Some viewers were shocked by the act of the actor. There were those who accused him of wanting to attract attention. Fans of Sergei hurried to join him. “You pounced on type, which just by its nature cannot have a normal beard, but he took earned bucks, not afraid, and went and made myself a hair transplant,” wrote one of the defenders of the stars of the series “Olga”. “That kind of anger in the comments? It’s his business, If it is a dream, then why say something?”, “Why so much negativity? The man does what he wants,” commented the other.

Звезду сериала «Ольга» Сергея Романовича затравили после 12-часовой операции