Муж Екатерины Стриженовой продолжает ее воспитывать The presenter told us about life with her husband. According to Catherine Strizhenovoj, she learned to listen to the opinion of Alexander, and to admit when wrong. Any dispute they cannot settle.

20 Mar TV presenter Ekaterina Strizhenova birthday. Star happily married husband Alexander, and they recently celebrated pearl wedding. According to Catherine, he taught her to admit if she’s wrong. “This is rare. But when I confess, before me open up incredible prospects. Sasha is so happy that he was right, he was ready to fulfill any desire. So, acknowledging his defeat, sometimes you can get out of the situation victorious. The husband I have always brought and continues to bring, sometimes I even say: “don’t push me to perfection” – says Strizhenova.

According to celebrity, in any pair and sometimes there are contradictions. Most importantly, be able to iron out. Catherine claims that from time to time she argues with her husband, but his habits are not annoying.

The eldest daughter Anastasia couples long married and lives separately from parents, but sometimes together they go on vacation. The youngest, 17-year-old, Sasha is not in a hurry to leave the parental home. As Catherine says, the girl is very similar to Alexander.

“Alexander – daddy’s girl, but a man with his character. I don’t know where exactly an explosive mixture. Her confidence in what she’s doing and why, impressed. Such a determination I never had. Parents at some point you have to realize that the baby is not a reflection of their desires, he is an individual that has a vision. It is difficult to understand because a parent your whole life broadcasted to the child what to do and how to act, and then, suddenly, beloved child says, “I think differently”, – told the TV presenter.

Alexander tries to consult with parents, but sometimes defend their position by any means. The girl argues that in many ways wanted to be like my mother. In addition, Stroganovyh daughter did gymnastics from an early age. “Thanks to the parents and the sport I was brought up so independent a man that you know: if there is a problem, you should try to solve it myself, and then go to the elders. I like that I am self-sufficient. If something criminal happens, come to mommy, but the small things do not bother her, because she has a lot of work, and I’m not that little,” admitted the girl in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.