The star of “the quiet don” Zinaida Kiriyenko could not accept the death of her husband

Звезда «Тихого Дона» Зинаида Кириенко не может смириться со смертью мужа The actress didn’t even think about second marriage. Zinaida Kiriyenko got married when she was 27 years old. Despite the fact that the man was 17, they created a beautiful family and were faithful to each other throughout life.
Звезда «Тихого Дона» Зинаида Кириенко не может смириться со смертью мужа

Soviet actress Zinaida Kirienko became famous for her role as Natalia in “the Quiet Don” Sergey Gerasimov. At that time she was still studying at the VGIK. For the young artist wooed many – Vasily Lanovoi was even acquainted with her aunt. Despite the fact that it is considered one of the most beautiful actors of that time, Devin didn’t like him. In her opinion, external data is not all that valuable in man.

All surprisingly Kiriyenko married a volleyball player Valeria Tarashevskaja, a man 10 years younger than her. At that time she was already a famous artist. They met while she was filming near Grozny. Two months after the first meeting, the couple married.

“I saw a gentle face, eyes, charming guy. He was smart enough, tactful, young, made a tremendous impression on me,” recalled Zinaida.

Host of “the Destiny of man” on TV channel “Russia 1” Boris korchevnikov was surprised by such a rapid wedding. He asked, not afraid artist so quick to connect his life with a young man.

“But I do not know, I saw his relatives, ordinary people, mom and dad, three kids… What was there to decide?” – admitted Kiriyenko.
Звезда «Тихого Дона» Зинаида Кириенко не может смириться со смертью мужа

Sister men Tatiana Fateeva remembered that at first they didn’t believe a famous actress now part of their family. Mother Zinaida always told her daughter that the most important thing is love.

Kiriyenko did not hide that she mostly feed her family. Valery Andreevich worked, studied at Moscow state University on economic faculty. Son Maxim remembers that dad was always there, took him and his brother Timur in school, cooked, cleaned on the weekends. Despite the fact that in a period of Zinaida starred in the movie, she found another way to secure a family.

“Traveled all over the country was making, and at home I was fine. He was amazingly faithful people – the children and me. Well, God has connected!” – says the actress.

In 2004, a loved one of the stars of “the quiet don” it is not. He refused to heart. Still Zinaida is unable to accept the loss. She even thought was not to marry a second time.

“I don’t know how to change no end of husbands. How to forget someone who was family, and now another native. And now all wonder how is this so? Because it’s perverted concepts, and everything was available. Even disgusting!” – said Kiriyenko.