Child Tatyana Bulanova had surgery

Ребенок Татьяны Булановой перенес операцию 11-year-old Nikita, who was born in marriage of the singer with the sportsman Vladislav Radimov, complained family pain in the leg. The boy was taken to the hospital. The doctors decided to conduct a simple surgery.
Ребенок Татьяны Булановой перенес операцию

Thursday Tatiana Bulanova alarmed fans of the publication made in one of the hospitals of St. Petersburg. The actress did not specify what led her to a medical facility. “What is luck and how to fight it? Although the view from the house beautiful”, – wrote the singer in Instagram. Fans of Tatiana wished her a speedy recovery. “Don’t lose heart! All will be well” “be well”, “What happened?”, “I hope it’s nothing serious,” was discussed by the fans of the stars.

Your comment to the post, the singer left, and her friend Elena Sparrow. The actress expressed concern about the state of Tatiana. Bulanova hastened to meet old friend. As it turned out, the doctors had to ask the son of singer Nikita. In March, the heir of Tatiana wasn’t feeling well and went to the medical professionals. However, removal of a foreign body that has penetrated under the skin of the child was not brought to an end. So after days, he again complained of health problems. On Thursday, the boy underwent uncomplicated surgery. He is now recovering after surgery.

“Nikita a month ago, got a splinter in the leg, thought, pulled, apparently not. Now under anesthesia removed. Turned out inside was a stick the size of a centimeter!” – posted by Tatiana on Instagram.

Fans of Tatiana wished her child to get to go on the mend. “Before the wedding live! The health of your son,” wrote one of podeschi celebrity.

Earlier this year, Tatiana Bulanova also made contact with subscribers of the medical institution. “A night at the hospital,” – wrote the singer in Instagram. Then some even thought that the artist went to the doctors because of nervous feelings. In August 2017 Bulanova lost mom, and before that, she divorced her husband Vladislav Radimov. Fans of Tatiana sounded the alarm.

Later, it became clear that expert help was required to the son of the star of Nikita. This Tatyana told reporters. That’s exactly what happened to her son, the artist decided not to specify. The singer said he did not want to go into details. Instead, Bulanova hastened to assure that after going to doctors Nikita felt much better. Is the celebrity on the health problems didn’t complain.

Note that after parting with Vladislav Radimov Bulanova fans of the singer worried about when she’ll marry again. According to the singer until she is ready again to marry. In social networks Tatiana regularly receive offers of marriage, but she prefers to say no.