Ksenia Sobchak defended Rudkovskaya, beating son with belt

Ксения Собчак встала на защиту Рудковской, избивавшей сына ремнем The presenter was supported by a friend. Some time ago Yana Rudkovskaya openly talked about the education of his son. Sometimes she used cruel methods to Sasha obeyed. Interview with producer caused a lot of noise.

Released in early April an interview with Yana Rudkovskaya about parenting has caused a resonance in society. According to the producer, sometimes she uses very cruel methods of punishment of children resorting to the belt or locking children in a dark room. The word celebrity was spread by many mass media, and to organizations that advocate against domestic violence, considered that Rudkovskaya “goes too far”.

Ksenia Sobchak, recently participated in the presidential elections, believes that Ian’s doing wrong. As the son of Plushenko and Rudkovskaya wants to become a famous skater, this approach is valid.

“Listen, what I said to Ian – do many sports families. Athletes in General are Raising tough practices. And not just athletes. But it is their family. Their business. How can you discuss it? As someone who educates? It’s a family thing. Ugly to get into it…” – wrote Sobchak in Facebook.

Some netizens felt that the statement of the journalist contrary to her campaign. The program “step 123” included a paragraph about the need to combat domestic violence. Sobchak insisted that measures had been taken.

“It is necessary to amend the legislation aimed at combating domestic violence, protecting victims, combating domestic violence and its prevention. Including to establish a procedure for the provision of services to victims of violence, the accelerated consideration of applications for domestic violence and adopting measures to protect victims and witnesses”, – said in the program.

Representatives of the public movement “Violence.no” expressed indignation that now she refuses to his words, protecting Rudkovskaya.

“Xenia included in the electoral program of gender equality, combating domestic violence and even counteract discrimination of LGBT people. Many began to support it, and the waves misogynic attacks to protect itself. Popular comment under her video about sexism — “no matter who she was — no matter who was”. After reading all this, as she’s trying to protect his friends, allowing himself the violence against the child, and advised not to meddle in “family matters”, it becomes clear that she was not anybody new,” – said on the organization’s website.