Звезде «Великолепного века» грозит 17 лет тюрьмы за хранение наркотиков Actor Adnan koç was arrested by law enforcement. When it found illegal drugs. Turkish police decides what action will be taken against the actor and his comrades.
Звезде «Великолепного века» грозит 17 лет тюрьмы за хранение наркотиков

Many Russian viewers in awe of the television series “the Magnificent century”. In Turkey, where she created the project, he was able also to win recognition. Adnan koç, who played the role Behram Pasha became a sex symbol. He also managed to play in the Russian-Turkish-Ukrainian melodrama “East-West”. His hero, doctor-reproductologist Kemal met in Istanbul with a Russian woman Tatyana. Her role was played by a Russian and Ukrainian actress Evgenia Vine. Adnan koç visited Kiev and in other cities, but some of the scenes were shot in Turkey.

It turned out that in real life the behavior of Koch is far from perfect. As reported by Turkish media, Adnan was arrested along with his brothers and a friend in one of the cafes in the area Icerenkoy/Atasehir Istanbul. In total police have arrested six people. During the search when they found the packets of illicit drugs.

As it turned out, among the offenders was a drug dealer Sinan Bozburun. He sold drugs to celebrities, including another member of “the Magnificent century” Serana Onto.

If the guilt of the detained is proved, to them threatens till 17 years of imprisonment for possession of a controlled substance. In the case of the involvement of the company for distribution of narcotics can be sentenced to death.

Yet the court chose Adnan as a measure of restraint detention. According to Turkish law, sometimes it is acceptable to pay a large fine in the amount of 50 thousand liras for every gram of illegal substances.

Recall that Koch was the seventh child in the family. From early childhood he dreamed of becoming a musician. He learned to play musical instruments and sang folk songs. At age 20 he went to serve in the army ,and when he returned decided to pursue a career as an artist. He succeeded, so he won several local music competitions. Then friends suggested he try his hand at cinema. Almost immediately he began to receive job offers. In the film “the Magnificent century” with him starred stars such as Halit ergenc, Meriem Uzerli, Engin Ozturk, and many others.