Актер «Глухаря» Олег Протасов отказывается от внебрачного ребенка The star of the series and chanson singer denies the words of a resident of Moscow Tatiana Morozova, who allegedly is pregnant from him. Wife of Oleg Protasov too sure in honesty of the man. According to Svetlana, Oleg wouldn’t cheat on her.
Актер «Глухаря» Олег Протасов отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

30-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Tatyana Morozova argues that expecting a baby from a 50-year-old actor and singer chanson Oleg Protasov. The woman says she fell in love with him at first sight. Familiarity Tatiana and artist was held in the cinema House, and then the man offered to meet in one of the karaoke clubs. About this alleged mistress of actor said in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on “Russia 1”.

Актер «Глухаря» Олег Протасов отказывается от внебрачного ребенка“Protasov was the actor Timur efremenkov, they drank. When he [Protasov] started singing, I realized that it was my man. He has a wonderful voice that you can fall in love once and for all. I’m sure he has much to give his woman. I ordered the song – “Real” Allegrova. Our eyes matched, he smiled. Spark, then the first dance. Sang “a Shot of vodka on the table”. Everything was wonderful, butterflies in the stomach, in the eye,” – says Tatiana.
Актер «Глухаря» Олег Протасов отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

Then Protasov and Morozov allegedly continued the evening in a more intimate setting. Now a resident of Moscow is a short term pregnancy. “Oleg admitted their six children. Why can’t he recognize seven?” perplexed heroine of the talk show.

According to Morozova, it requires no money and has no plans to withdraw from the Protasov family . However, if the wife will part with the artist, Tatiana is ready to take her place. Baby will be third in a row for a young woman. Now she is preparing the nursery and regretted that the artist takes on the responsibility.

Актер «Глухаря» Олег Протасов отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

Oleg Protasov also appeared in the Studio. The singer confirmed that indeed rested in the bar, where he met with Tatiana. But the singer denies that the father of the unborn child Morozova. According to the man, he didn’t engage in sexual intercourse with a resident of Moscow. On the question of whether it supports relationships with the heirs from different relations, Oleg said: “I’m in touch with four of the six children.” Moreover, the actor claims that can’t be a father after a certain operation experienced in 2014.

“I didn’t have time to take an extract from the medical history. I can no longer have children in 2014,” said singer.
Актер «Глухаря» Олег Протасов отказывается от внебрачного ребенка

Each singer Timur Morozov efremenkov suspected of distorting reality. The actor laughed Tatiana. Throughout the broadcast, efremenkov he joked, his whole appearance indicating a possible mistrust mistress Protasov. Svetlana Berkutova, the wife of the artist, too, suspects the intended rival of defamation. A woman admires her partner, who adopted her children as a family.

“I did not react to this news. Oleg is honest, we are constantly together. That’s the first time he was alone somewhere. Even if he hadn’t had surgery, you still wouldn’t believe,” says his wife singer.

At some point, Morozov could not stand the accusations of lying and burst into tears. Supported her sister. A relative of the alleged mistress, singer claims that Oleg Protasov even supposedly came to Tatiana’s home. The artist was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Words Morozova confirmed her daughter Ksenia. 14-year-old girl condemned the behavior of Protasov. According to the teenager, the artist intentionally leaves the responsibility.

The final point in the debate about the paternity of the unborn child Morozova can only supply a DNA test. Each Protasova, Evgeny Trofimov said that intuitively feels the lies of Tatiana. “This story is an inflated bubble,” he said. Trofimov said that his buddy always took care of their children, even after separation from their mothers.