The star of the First channel was discharged from the hospital

Звезда Первого канала выписалась из роддома
Host of “Good morning” spoke about the happy event.

Anastasia Tregubova with her husband Alexander and daughter Nika

Photo: from the personal archive of Anastasia Tregubova

From the leading program “Good morning,” Anastasia Tregubova, which already has a 11-year-old Lisa, and 7-year-old Michael, was born the third child — a daughter.

“The birth went
in the clinic Mother and child, under the guidance of the obstetrician-gynecologist
Konopleva, Boris Aleksandrovich. Also observed Kurtser mark Arkadyevich.
Aided by an excellent team of experts, for which they thank you very much! — said Anastasia. — It is believed that the most difficult — the first, third and fifth pregnancy. I also had a few unexpected moments and difficult situations. Maybe that’s why we chose for my daughter “strong” name — Nika — the goddess of Victory. By the way, my husband’s name is Alexander, it means “winner”, that’s a double victory — Nika Aleksandrovna”.

TV presenter admits that she had a feeling that her husband literally lived in the hospital. “He’s been there. We were discharged with her daughter in the morning, Lisa and Mike were still in school, and in the evening they were in for a surprise! The children were very excited new member of the family. We decided to make a quiet statement: just us and our doctor
Boris Aleksandrovich. Decided that we will note a new addition to our family a little
later, when my daughter will get stronger”. On the birth of her daughter Anastasia’s husband gave her the earrings and bracelet. “When I was in the chamber, there
brought gifts and had a lot of flowers, says Tregubova. And Sasha could not resist and before
we left the hospital gave me a set of earrings and bracelet”.