Rokotov Ekaterina told about his favorites

Екатерина Рокотова рассказала о своих фаворитах
The star of the show “the Last article of the journalist” has discovered a way to eat everything, but did not recover even in winter.

Photo: photo from personal archive Catherine Rokotova

Catherine is not someone who shortly before spring frantically
begins to look for ways to urgently to lose weight and pump up the figure. The actress was in good shape all year round, although it is recognized that loves to eat and even fat. As it turned out, among the most reliable ways to get better is to stop eating four hours before bedtime, drink at least two liters of water a day and eating small meals. Katia train complies with these rules. However, one diet for perfect
the figures are not enough.

Here, the actress sports out loads. “My favorites were horse riding, Jogging in the city at least once a week. Also, I definitely two or three times a week I go to the gym for kickboxing. Unlike simulators, it does not increase the volume and weight of the body,
develops stretching gives a high cardio, “dries” figure, making it
rangy. And in the winter not imagine myself without skates and skis,” says Catherine Rokotova, which not so long ago visited the Krasnaya Polyana, where the soul dashed off to ski.

If you will be shooting in another city, the actress giving herself at the hotel sports a set of stretching exercises, squats, push-UPS.

In the end, with the growth of 177
see the star under any circumstances manage to keep the weight of 55 kilograms.

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