Elizabeth II “deeply disappointed and saddened” by the death of their Pets

Елизавета II «глубоко огорчена и опечалена» гибелью своих любимцев
An incident may violate the matrimonial plans of Prince Harry.

Елизавета II «глубоко огорчена и опечалена» гибелью своих любимцев


Queen Elizabeth
“deeply disappointed and saddened” among her favorite inhabitants
Windsor Park there came a terrible epidemic. We are talking about a flock of swans,
which is so loved to admire the 91-year-old Elizabeth, when walking in the Park. She often
come here and often brought treats for the lovely birds. And here
with them the trouble happened: about 13 birds died from an unidentified
diseases. Moreover, the survivors are threatened by the same fate. The vet, who examined
dead birds, suspects that it could be about bird flu, more than
unpleasantly. Because this disease can be a real hazard for
people, not to mention other birds

Interestingly, according to tradition, from the 12th century all swans are considered property
British crown. This of course, does not mean that they once served on
feasts to the Royal table. Rather, it is about what the swans are under
the care and protection of the Queen. And it saddens the Queen, the lover
nature, even more because she now could not help the swans. Last autumn British swans suffered another attack.
Some vandals attacked a flock of birds that lived in one of the London parks and
made a real massacre. About a dozen swans were stabbed to death,
decapitated and thrown on the shore of the pond. Then, at the request of the Queen of the pond
was introduced round the clock patrolling. But the attackers were never
caught. But if they managed to grab, they would answer on all severity
law’s. For such actions in Britain are allowed up to six months in prison
and 5 thousand pounds penalty.

In case of suspected bird flu confirmed, under
the threat may be, and the matrimonial plans of Prince Harry, which according to plan
spring needs to play at Windsor Castle wedding with Megan Markle. After all, if the infection
spread to other birds stay in the Park can become unsafe.
However, until may 19 for which the date of the wedding, a lot of time, so,
hopefully, this problem will be resolved.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry