У звезды фильма «Неуловимые мстители» нашлась неизвестная дочь In the new episode “Let them talk,” he recalled the Soviet film “the Elusive Avengers” and its characters. Came to the Studio the most famous of the Gypsies of the USSR Vasily Vasilyev and his colleague Valentina Kurdyukova.
У звезды фильма «Неуловимые мстители» нашлась неизвестная дочь

The film “the Elusive Avengers” became the favorite picture of many Soviet viewers. Vasily Vasilyev, who played Yashka the Gypsy, became known after this picture. He was born in this camp in the 1950’s, but later lived with his parents in the Vladimir region. Basil said that during the filming of the movie he was about 16 years old. His partner in the shooting was the Valya Kurdyukova, starring in the role of Xan Sushi.

Studio guests began to elicit a Gypsy, if he had Affairs with Actresses on the set. Vasiliev tried to avoid talking about politics. “As all human, sinful. Do not sin do not repent. Overall, young people now more relaxed and relaxed,” he explained in the middle of the transfer artist.

He remembered the case as on tour in Magadan came to him a 16 year old girl. She gave Vasilyev flowers and talked with him about personal things. At the end of the meeting, a fan asked him to be her first man. He politely refused, as always was a noble man.

У звезды фильма «Неуловимые мстители» нашлась неизвестная дочь

Many years Vasiliev happily married with Marianne Mertsalovo. He saw her picture, and then invited to take part as a dancer in his concert. In marriage they had two daughters, Isabelle and Christina.

First, islandica actor disliked his crowds of fans. “The fans were so sick of me, enraged, and then became calm. Been a dynamic life, it was not before,” admitted Marianne Borisov.

Wedding Vasilyev it could not take place. He was late for the celebration.

“Was the incident. Finished the tour in Nizhny Novgorod. I was behind the wheel. Sent the Marina on the train, and I had to come by car. But she I broke. Left her. The first train I drove the second half of the trip. The wedding was delayed for about four hours”, – said Vasily.
У звезды фильма «Неуловимые мстители» нашлась неизвестная дочь

A real sensation was present in the Studio were the words of Vasily Vasiliev of the first marriage. Was known Roma was married to the singer. He worked in the theater in St. Petersburg. Then he was given a two-bedroom apartment in the centre of the Northern capital. They are Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior has formed a band and was looking for a soloist.

“Two years later, I’m on this singer got married to her Temple. Our daughter was born Knee. But then perestroika began. It was not until the concerts. My wife was invited to work in new York in the restaurant. She left with her daughter. We were married,” – said Vasilyev.

However, the reasons for the separation with the woman he tried to hold back, writing off all of what was the unstable situation in the country and in the U.S. he didn’t want to go.

“When the daughter grew up, she began to work as a dentist in the clinic. In the evenings, the restaurant she was singing jazz. Then later met with the Portuguese, got married and went to him. They have their own restaurant,” said the actor.

Wife Marianne knew about the first marriage of the husband, but for many others it was a surprise. The crew of “Let them talk” found Knew. She showed rarity the family.

“I was the daughter, born from his first marriage. My dad was officially married to my mom. I would like to hear from him why he hides our existence,” said the woman.

In the following program, as promised Borisov, all three of the heiress of the artist to meet.