Жена Андрея Аршавина расплатилась с долгами перед авиакомпанией She compensated for the losses. Alice Arshavin scandal on Board the aircraft at the airport in connection with flight to Almaty was delayed, and the company had to invest in ground services.
Жена Андрея Аршавина расплатилась с долгами перед авиакомпанией

A few months ago the wife of football player Andrey Arshavin became the heroine of a scandal that occurred on Board the plane EN route from Moscow to Alma-ATA. The woman went to her husband with little Esena. According to some reports, she refused to fasten the seat belt for takeoff. When the ship was about to go, Arshavin decided to change the diaper of his daughter. She was warned that it violates the rules of the airline, but Alice was rude to flight attendants.

Because of this incident, the airline has incurred additional costs related to fuel consumption and procedures of ground operation. Itself Arshavin was removed from the flight. Now it is reported that she paid all the costs.

“After the incident with Arshavina in early January, “Aeroflot” made the decision on recovery of damages in a judicial proceeding, and January 25, 2018 submitted the statement of claim. Under the pressure of the evidence presented before the trial, the passenger in full reimbursed the expenses of the company. Money already received on account of “Aeroflot”. Thereby Arshavin admitted his guilt”, — said Deputy General Director for legal and property Affairs Vladimir Alexandrov.

According to him, the airline has achieved such result thanks to the consistent protection of their interests. “This is another confirmation of the fact that Aeroflot has chosen the right strategy to combat disruptive behaviour on Board. Counteracting the perpetrators, we protect the right of their passengers in safe and comfortable air travel”, – said Alexandrov.

After the incident on Board the aircraft Arshavin sent the stewardess Anastasia Kurakina the following messages. “You will face from two to four years of imprisonment for cruelty to a child… You planted mother with two children and the major of FSB Arshavin Alice Alexandrovna,” – said in the text. But then the service stated that such employees they have. Herself a stewardess in detail in the explanatory why they had to postpone the departure.

“The company intends to continue to fight the brawlers, regardless of their social status. “Aeroflot” operates on a simple principle: the rules of conduct on Board apply to every passenger, a law common to all, without exception,” – said in a statement published on the website of the airline.