Ксению Собчак довели до слез в прямом эфире The presidential candidate could not hold back emotions during a debate, which first showed the people of the Far East. Ksenia Sobchak called host Vladimir Solovyov to pay attention to abusive behavior of some of her opponents.
Ксению Собчак довели до слез в прямом эфире

On TV channel “Russia 1” was screened the next debate of presidential candidates, which was attended by seven politicians, including Ksenia Sobchak, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Grigory Yavlinsky and confidant Pavel Grudinina Maxim Shevchenko. The stream I watched live the people of the Far East, as host was Vladimir Soloviev.

When it gave Kseniya Sobchak, a journalist noticed that the opponents behave badly towards her. “Dear friends, you see that these brave men are fighting with me,” said the star during your 30-second appeals to the voters. This aroused the indignation of the opponents of Xenia. Vladimir Zhirinovsky began to talk with Sobchak publicly questioning its capacity. “Carry her peredachki in a madhouse” – said the leader of the LDPR.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky insulted Ksenia Sobchak in a live TV show

Sobchak asked Vladimir Solovyov’s influence on the situation, noting that other participants in the debate constantly interrupted. The journalist demanded to compensate “legal time”, which is given for the performance.

“These people kill me. This man [Zhirinovsky] is rude only to me endlessly. He calls me ****** [as a prostitute] and a dirty witch on your program. And you allow it to do it every time, – said Sobchak Solovyov. – I have a legitimate time, and this man all the time offends me and does not say a word. Do you really think that this is okay?”

When the journalist spoke to the lead, she was unable to restrain his emotions. The eye of Xenia were filled with tears. It Sobchak was accompanied by remarks of Zhirinovsky. “Pay, mom will come running now, I can wipe away,” – said Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Xenia asked, the presenter stated that he has no right to intervene in a debate of presidential candidates according to the rules established by the CEC.

“I think it’s terrible, but it’s the law. I personally think that is a disgrace. I would be happy if everyone could tell their point of view, in respect to each other. Because I hate to think that voters are watching this”, – said Solovyov.

For Ksenia Sobchak stood Grigory Yavlinsky. The politician urged his colleagues not to cross the border during the debate. “The dispute with Ksenia Sobchak turns into persecution. Don’t need to make anyone baiting, this is a disgrace,” said Yavlinsky.

In the final broadcast Sobchak left the Studio, not waiting for the official announcement. In turn, Vladimir Solovyov decided to influence the situation by contacting the CEC. “Please consider what is happening here and to accept the possibility that the major had the right to somehow influence this process,” he said.

Ксению Собчак довели до слез в прямом эфире