The star of the film “Dislike” was afraid to destroy the family shots in Zvyagintsev

Звезда фильма «Нелюбовь» боялась разрушить семью съемками у Звягинцева Maryana Spivak spoke about the work on the long-awaited picture of the famous Director, which started to show in Russia since the beginning of June. As an actress, she never thought that he would cooperate with Andrey Zvyagintsev. The woman also told about circulated among actors of superstition.
Звезда фильма «Нелюбовь» боялась разрушить семью съемками у Звягинцева

1 June, on the screens of the Russian cinemas there was a film of Andrey Zvantseva “Dislike”, which won the jury prize at the Cannes film festival. The main role is played by 32-year-old actress Maryana Spivak. Picture Zvyagintsev became her debut full meter. In recognition of Mariana, she never wanted to act from a well-known figure of art, because this work seemed to her an unattainable height. About Spivak said in a recent candid interview with reporters.

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According to the woman, the test lasted six months. Zvyagintsev told Spivak that it is engaged in the selection and approval of actors for the role. However, Mariana is extremely calm reacted to this information. In recognition Spivak, prior to that, she starred only in the series, so took the casting as an interesting experience.

When Andrey Zvyagintsev still approved the actress, she first didn’t believe. “Everyone was waiting for the call to say: “Sorry, we changed our minds…” – says Mariana. As it turned out, the actress had other doubts. The plot tells about the problems in the relationship of husband and wife that have a negative impact on their son Alyosha. The main character finds the child a burden, which prevents her to arrange a personal life, says Spivak. Most experts in this completely different situation in my personal life.

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“Among the actors there is a contradiction: when you’re very Vallecano play, you can attract the events that happen to the character… I had fears before the filming of the movie Dislike. Because it is about divorce and the unwanted child, and I have-that everything is fine in life: love, family, son. But, thank God, all has managed”, – said the actress.

In recognition of Mariana, before she had to experience common among the artists the superstition for yourself. While working on the play “the Seagull” partner Anton Kuznetsov started to take care of it. First, Mariana thought that the man just can’t get out of the way, but after a while the actors had an affair. Since then they have been together for six years and a son Gregory.

Anton Kuznetsov rejoice in the success of the civil spouse and tries to help her get through. “When Mariana walked the red carpet, I was filled with pride for his wife! Even tears of atonement from a surplus of emotions”, – quotes the man magazine Hello!.