Laima Vaikule made Alla Pugacheva off diet

Лайма Вайкуле заставила Аллу Пугачеву сорваться с диеты Artist persuaded a colleague to try the sweet desserts. In the microblog the husband of the prima Donna Maxim Galkin appeared in a movie in which the scientist offers Pugacheva to eat ice cream, arguing that this would not affect her figure.

Laima Vaikule was found with Alla Pugacheva during lunch in one of the Latvian restaurants. Colleagues decided to please the followers of social networking and made a few fun videos. The husband of the prima Donna Maxim Galkin shared one entry with the followers on “Instagram”.

“Who will sit out on a diet?” – called the video funny.

Laima Vaikule argues c Alla Pugacheva about the dessert. Diva is experiencing due to the shape, so refuses to eat sweet together with a colleague. However, the Latvian star is not giving up.

“It is possible for us. I’ll have a pancakes and ice cream. To us it is possible. Let him who can not, neither should he eat. Look at you! Come on little by little,” says the artist, adding with humor that vegetarians only eat pancakes and flowers.
Лайма Вайкуле заставила Аллу Пугачеву сорваться с диеты

Video Pugacheva and Vaikule aroused admiration among the users of social networks. “Lime is able to persuade”, “just eat all you can”, “What they are cool! Love them! Strong, talented, young-at-heart!”, “Cool, women’s solidarity”, “lime provocatrix! Alla, hold on, don’t be tempted,” wrote the followers Galkin.

By the way, on this day the stars were in a good mood. Before dinner they took pictures with fans, who shared memorable scenes in social networks.

A few days ago, the family Pugacheva and Galkina came to Jurmala. Humorist actively sharing experiences with their subscribers. He puts short videos which shows how they spend their time on the shore of the Gulf of Riga. According to Maxim, with the weather they were not lucky, as in the Latvian city a strong wind blows. Maxim Galkin has been active in the social network