Sergey Druzhko boasted a special gift 10-year-old child

Сергей Дружко похвастался особенным подарком 10-летнего ребенка Popular host and actor, who recently became a star of the Internet and pushed the top of the help, spoke about how relatives greeted him on arrival home. Sergey Druzhko was touched by the surprise heir, who smote him with his culinary skills.
Сергей Дружко похвастался особенным подарком 10-летнего ребенка

48-year-old actor and TV presenter Sergei Druzhko, which became popular after the program TNT “Inexplicable, but fact”, more recently the program is on the Internet. Releases Druzhko Show is gaining millions of views on YouTube.

Recently, they decided to boast of the achievement of the beloved son. Heir friend baked a cake specially for the arrival of his father. Apparently, the man was genuinely touched by the token from the child. He shared a photo of the dessert in his microblog.

Host of “Inexplicable, but fact” breaking all records in the Network

“Ticket for the evening train Moscow – St.-Petersburg – 6 000 RUB, Taxi from Moscow railway station to the house – 300 roubles 10-year-old son Sam baked a cake hype to dad’s arrival is priceless,” wrote leading in Instagram.

Subscribers Sergei found his heir did the right thing. “Son of good”, “Very cute”, “Envy”, “Bite a little”, “Lovely”, “Great cake. Apparently, the cream whipped hypomera, not otherwise. Aroma of HYIP is transmitted even through the phone. Good luck to you,” they wrote in the comments of the post master. By the way, some fans friend came to the conclusion that the picture in his microblog, a fragment of the archive calendar, which was released in the Soviet Union.

By the way, before YouTube came seventh edition Druzhko Show. Live transmission Sergey Druzhko once again discussed the latest news Internet, including the neologism of Donald trump and the appearance of a robot priest in Germany. In addition, the program has made parody videos of “Aliens try Russian cuisine”. Colleagues of Sergey Druzhko made a video in which the people of Russia eat soup, a cutlet with mashed potatoes and dumplings.

Interestingly, in a previous issue of popular Network programs presenter went on a journey in order to understand the conflicts of popular bloggers. A web show filmed in the style of the program “Inexplicable, but fact”, broadcasted on TNT in the middle of the two thousandth. Investigating the causes of emerging scandals on YouTube, Sergey Druzhko went to the wise woman, who told him about an ancient artifact Hypomere. In the final movie showman showed excerpts shot during the festival Vidfest. They participated Ruslan Usachev, Daniel Cross, Wylsacom, Eldar Garahau and Stas Davydov. They apologized to the audience for their activities.

“You have to remember that the root of the word “friend” “drugs”. If someone wants someone to show something, tell me first about it to me. Exclusives my show will not hurt”, – with these words the moderator turned to the subscribers.