Звезда «Восьмидесятых» Александр Якин рассекретил свою супругу The actor spoke about his beloved wife, which is carefully concealed from the public. Alexander Yakin started Dating Anna Zaitseva, when I was a student of theatrical Institute. At the moment the lovers play together in the Theatre of Nations and dream about the new addition to the family.

      Звезда «Восьмидесятых» Александр Якин рассекретил свою супругу

      26-year-old Alexander Yakin, star of TV series “Happy together” and “Eighties” are rarely shared with the public the details of his personal life. Last year the actor admitted to reporters that legalized relationship with his beloved. Before you start a family, young people met several years. According to Yakin, the wedding was quite modest. Until recently, Alexander preferred to conceal spouse and did not say her name. However, recently the actor has decided to tell more about the family. He admitted that very happy in marriage.

      The second half of the artist 27 – year-old actress Anna Zaytseva, a graduate of GITIS. She started Dating Jinym even while studying at the University.

      “We lived together. Last summer, officially became husband and wife. Why now decided to get married, I don’t know. Here I wanted a holiday – and that’s it! Married quietly, and then the restaurant sat. No pathos and multi-day festivals. It’s all empty. The important thing is that Anya is the most important woman in my life and I’m with her feel like the happiest man in the world,” shared the actor.

      It is worth noting that the lovers not only equip the family nest, but to work together. Anna and Alexander can be seen on the stage of Theatre of Nations, which is the artistic Director Yevgeny Mironov. However, Yakin admits he does not get tired of his wife. “When people great feeling, I do not want to be separated even for a minute. We don’t bother each other, and complement, help,” – says the artist.

      Earlier, Alexander Yakin has admitted that not went on a honeymoon with his beloved. The actors were limited in time, therefore, the undersigned in the breaks between filming and performances, and then marked a very important event in a narrow family circle.

      In addition, Yakin said in an interview that he does not consider himself a jealous man. Anna is also comfortable with the fact that the husband has to play love on the set. In recognition of Alexander, they both realize that it is only the work. The actor also said that it is not withholding anything from his wife, for such frankness is an important part of a relationship.

      Many fans of Alexander Yakin now waiting for him to announce the addition to the family. However, the actor says that while simply enjoying life in marriage. However, the artist does not exclude the possibility that someday will become a father and will acquire their own housing. According to Yakin, it can happen very soon. As a child while the spouses replaces favorite pet – Chihuahua named Monica, said Alexander, “Express newspaper”.