Анна Седокова публично исповедалась The singer talked about the fact that she cares and makes the experience. According to Sedokova, she has physical disabilities. Moreover, the star suffers from lightheadedness. Fans Sedokova was touched by her treatment. They thanked the artist for sharing.

      At the moment, the singer Anna Sedokova is in the USA. Celebrity shot his film, which will be dedicated to the first love. According to Sedokova, she acts as the Director and producer of this picture. Other details of the work on the film Anna prefers to keep secret. Recently, the actress shared a video made at the shoot. The video, posted online, she provided an intriguing signature. “There comes a time when it is no longer possible to keep what in the middle. There comes a time when all secret becomes explicit, words acquire shape, and thoughts are transformed into notes…” – said Anna.

      It should be noted that the publication of the artist is liked by everyone. Some social media users criticized the star and found she has a lot of disadvantages. Someone not liking the voice of Anna, the other did not like her appearance. Later Sedokova answered detractors. Celebrity frankly told that he did not consider himself the ideal person.

      “I have a permanent and stunning p*** in your personal life! I swear, as you can see, sometimes even live, I have cellulite and big Breasts, which the pictures always come out and are too vulgar. I am constantly in a hurry and write errors. My children have different last names and there is no chance that the next child will be like! I have constant creative mess and the wind in my head, I absolutely do not know how to count money and save for the future,” shared Anna.

      Sedokova also admitted that the successor does not always approve of her work. “My oldest daughter thinks I sing boring songs, and I’m always late with the youngest in kindergarten,” he told the actress.

      Furthermore, Anne said that she’s a bad driver suffers from Shopaholic and have difficulty setting up their homes. “On the roads all the bumps my, the store I always buy a mountain of rubbish and I still can’t sort out things that don’t wear for two years. And can’t in the same room to finish for a year… Here,” said the star.

      Followers of Anna supported her and thanked for the revelations. “We’re great”, “it seems to Me that such trifles and develops the perfect man,” “the Most beautiful words I have ever read”, “You’re real. So interesting to listen to you”, “Like a confession. I think you feel better after that”, “I Love these open-minded people! Don’t ever change. You are awesome”, “Inspired”, “Be what you feel more comfortable”, “You’re just a woman! Recognize yourself in your confession” – discussing fans Sedokova.