Беременная Оксана Самойлова истязает себя в спортзале The wife of rapper Dzhigan returned to training. Despite the fact that soon Oksana Samoilov for the third time will become a mother, she decided to regularly devote time to your own body. Fans were delighted from such determination of a young woman.

      The wife of rapper Dzhigan Oksana Samoilov will soon become a mother for the third time. Not long ago, the whole family returned from a long journey – they were vacationing in the Bahamas, and then went to new York. Now a young mother full of strength and energy, and therefore decided to resume classes at the gym. She’s determined not to go, despite the pregnancy.

      “I came to work out. Scared all the people. I used to be pregnant in the gym too, looking doubtingly. I haven’t studied, of course, the morning sickness, or something else. But all bets are off, energy loads, and can implement the plan “pitoresca-Baranjska”, – shared his plans for Oksana with your subscribers.

      Fans know the love Samoilova to the sport. The young woman spares no effort to workout in a gym, to not only maintain the beautiful figure, but also care about health. Fans are glad that she threw my class while waiting for the baby. Many noted that such trainings will help not to gain weight during pregnancy and to quickly restore shape after childbirth. “And what kind of exercise you in your position doing? Tell, very interesting. And I didn’t know at the gym besides swimming, to do when I was peremenami”, “Yes, you umnichka! A good example, because pregnancy is not a reason to quit sports”, “Boy and give birth, and figure it will be easier to recover,” wrote fans.

      The family Oksana Samoilova and Dzhigan is an example to follow. The couple has charming daughters, Leah and Ariel. Parents loved the heirs and try to do everything to make girls feel happy. Apparently, the appearance of the third heir will be able to unite all the family members. However, Samoilov admitted that he is afraid of the status of mothers.

      “The first two pregnancies I only traveled from work to home, worried about everything. Now I feel a Pro in this business and I just have not scared. Just the phrase “large family” is light horror” – shared the designer thoughts with the fans.