The star of “the eagle and tails” Lesya Nikityuk preparing for the wedding

Звезда «Орла и решки» Леся Никитюк готовится к свадьбе The presenter shared important news with the public. As it turned out, the blonde is Dating a housemate who made her an offer of marriage. Other details about upcoming wedding she decided not to share.

30-year-old Lesya Nikityuk admitted that spun a new novel. About the presenter told in interview to the Ukrainian journalist Katya Osadchaya. Moreover, Les has engaged with the chosen one. The blonde didn’t want to advertise an upcoming important event, but for Osadchaya she made an exception.

According to Lesya, the bridegroom lives in the neighborhood with her. Despite the fact that the presenter has traveled almost the whole world, she found love in my own home.

“It also had to meet him on the same floor in the same house. We have door to door, and all three years we lived with each other through the wall, but since I traveled a lot, haven’t we met” – shared the star in the program “social life”.

Nikitiuk admitted that he had engaged in the preparation of the ceremony. The presenter begin to choose wedding dresses. According to Lesya, she is looking a few options. Nikitiuk also reported that it was able to organize several celebrations. Other details of the celebrity prefer to keep secret.

“I want a veil carried my girl niece, sprinkled with rose petals. I would like to do a few weddings. There are so many relatives, would like to invite anyone who I was walking at the wedding and gave sets. Let me also give,” joked the host.

Recall that Lesya Nikityuk became the host of the popular show about travel “heads and tails”, which comes out in Russia on the channel “Friday!”, in 2012. In August 2017 on the official pages of transmission in social networks appeared information about the resignation of the blonde. Colleagues Lesia reported that she took a vacation. “Finally she finds out what “all inclusive” learn to take the loungers from six in the morning, and will be able to enjoy food and drinks without commenting on camera, without fear of heavy hungry look of an operator on his plate,” humor has been noted by the program staff.

After leaving nikitiuk partner Regina Todorenko was Natalie Nevedrova. The new host of the show said that he always wanted to travel and tell about interesting places. “You should have seen how much I cried in the car when I heard the news,” couldn’t hide emotions to Natalie. After some time the program has left and Regina Todorenko. The girl wrote an open letter in which he explained the reasons for his action. Now Todorenko is in America, where he studied at the faculty of film directing at new York film Academy. Regina todorenko starts a new life in America