Gosha Kutsenko dedicated a song to Dmitry Marjanova

Гоша Куценко посвятил песню Дмитрию Марьянову The actors gathered in the cinema “pioneer” to remember friend of the artist. Dmitry Maryanov died in mid-October. The death of the favorite of the audience shocked fans and his colleagues in the theatre and cinema.

Stars of theatre and cinema today decided to pay tribute to Dmitry Maryanova. Actor died two months ago. The Pioneer was shown the film “playing the truth”, where a major role was played by the Maryanov. The screening of the film Gosha Kutsenko together with my friend Ruslan Lukyanov created a song dedicated to Dmitry Maryanova. Appeared in the press last autograph Maranova

According to the scenario, three friends, whose role was played by Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry Maryanov and Konstantin Yushkevich once again gathered in the apartment. Former classmates decided to recall the cheerful youth. Many years later, back in town with Maya Kovalevskaya, the woman was in love with all three comrade: businessman mark, a car dealer Gennady physicist and loser Anatoly. Awkward situation aggravates by the fact that the Maya past five years confined to a wheelchair. The position rescues open to the truth. However playful and innocent questions reveal the ins and outs of the past.