Alexander Mokhov spoke about links with the underworld

Александр Мохов заговорил о связях с криминальным миром Famous actor decided on a candid conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva. Alexander Mokhov will reveal its secrets in the broadcast of “the Secret to a million.” Talking with the lead, the actor admitted that his family was behind bars.
Александр Мохов заговорил о связях с криминальным миром

The hero of the new edition of “the Secret” one million was the actor Alexander Mokhov, which account for more than one hundred roles in the movie. Issue with the participation of the artist show on Saturday, December 16, 17 hours.

In the broadcast transmission Mokhov tell leading Lera Kudryavtseva on family dramas and personal happiness, but also for the first time speaks about his criminal past. The actor admits that his father and two brothers repeatedly served time in prison and explain why he escaped punishment.

“For the family, as they say, fall tear. No, I never visited his brother in prison. Jack, the first brother, also sat…” said Mokhov.
Александр Мохов заговорил о связях с криминальным миром

In addition, the actor will remember how moved one of the brothers to Moscow, bought a house for him and tried to help with overcoming alcohol addiction. However, the addiction of a relative Mokhov and his wife took over. According to the press service of NTV, nephews Alexander grew up in an orphanage.

During the conversation with Leroy Kudryavtseva, Alexander Mokhov will affect personal issues. The actor will reveal the reasons that broke up his first marriage, and also about why he left the second wife, Darya.

Now Alexander is married with a colleague on the shop floor Irina gardener who was younger than him for 29 years. Despite the age difference, they managed to create a strong family. Last year Mokhov again became a father – gardener gave him a charming son Matthew. Alexander loves spending time with the child. According to the actor, he love to play with the baby and walk with him in the pool. In the program the artist will also introduce a younger heir.

We will remind that Alexander Mokhov, known for its participation in serialach “Two fates”, “Bros” and “While the village sleeps”, was born in June 1963 in the Vologda region. After graduating from GITIS, where he studied in the Studio of Oleg Tabakov, the actor took the troupe of “Snuff”. In 1995, Mokhov was awarded the title “Honored artist of the Russian Federation”.

Behind Alexander’s two marriages. The actor is the father of three sons: Seeds, Makar and Matthew. In October 2015 it became known that Mokhov has made an offer for the young artist Irene gardener, known in Ukraine as the singer Nicole. The romance between Alexander and performer can be called a service. The future husband and wife met on the set of “the Last janissary”. Alexander and Irina, there is no controversy about domestic issues. According to Mokhov, the main thing in relations is trust and respect.