The star of the Comedy “Love and pigeons” Nina Doroshina learning to walk again

Звезда комедии «Любовь и голуби» Нина Дорошина заново учится ходить The role of Nadya in the film is recovering after a stay in hospital. Nina Mikhailovna had problems with the musculoskeletal system. Medics helped the actress, and now she can move around without a cane herself.
Звезда комедии «Любовь и голуби» Нина Дорошина заново учится ходить

Last week, the performer of the role of Nadya in the famous picture of Vladimir Menshov was discharged from the hospital. The woman successfully completed a course of treatment to restore the musculoskeletal system.

“The spine was pinching the nerve endings. It affected the legs, I was confined to bed – says “StarHit” Nina. – I had to resort to the help of doctors. A month and a half spent in the hospital, but now can safely move around the apartment without the cane, itself. Doctor advised to exercise more, because the legs are still weak. However, not allowed to walk on the street, because dizzy. Until I go from window to door and back down the corridor.”

Despite the fact that the actress a significant improvement in health, doctors continue to watch over Nina Mikhailovna.

“They periodically call me with the question “How are you feeling?”, continues Doroshina. – Answer honestly, even if slightly headache. Also, do not forget me, my students and friends. Come bring gifts. Can’t put that over a big table, but they are not offended. What I started to hobble, – a small victory! Operations is no longer required, from thinking about the personal nurse refused. Now waiting for when they finally wear your favorite red high heel shoes and will return to the scene of educational theatre”.