Maxim Fadeev gave a severe test for the future soloist of the group SEREBRO

Maxim Fadeev gave a severe test for the future soloist of the group SEREBRO Producer seriously approached the selection of the candidate for the vacant position. Maxim Fadeev has forced the three candidates to participate in high-intensity exercise. According to the musician, the girls must be ready for more physical activity.

After Pauline favorskaya said about leaving the group SEREBRO, Maxim Fadeev began looking for a new soloist. The producer staged an open call, during which each girl could post the video with the execution of the selected song. The organizers of the competition received thousands of applications.

As a result, Fadeev chose three potential candidates for the role of the new soloist of the group SEREBRO. “Listening” online is only the first stage of selection. Now Maxim plans to conduct a series of tests for the girls to choose the best of the best.

For starters, a candidate had to go through the exhausting training in the gym. In Fadeyev’s view, any artist daily carries heavy loads. Group “Silver” has a lot to tour, participate in a photo shoot and give it all on stage.

“With this test we wanted to test how girls get ready for physical activity. Including at concerts. Perhaps the introductory of all were unequal. Because Nastya Gribkova – volleyball and exercise regularly. Tanya works as a fitness trainer, and Anastasia Popova is involved in sports at the Amateur level. But! Conditions at the concerts will be the same, regardless of how the girls prepared right now,” – said Fadeev.

The producer does not deny that the lead female pop group was harder than he thought. Maxim you have to put up with a change of composition. Apparently, now the man decided to do everything possible to have a new lead singer stayed in the band for a long time and lived up to his high standards.

Open tryouts in the social network has caused an incredible stir. Applied thousands of contestants, and among them were even the stars of the controversial TV project “Dom-2”. However, Maxim was quick to point out that the participants of various programs no chance to win the selection for the vacant place in the group SEREBRO.

“I understand the desire of participants of different shows to get into the group SEREBRO. But with this background and reputation, I think it’s impossible. So I would not recommend them to apply for the audition, it doesn’t make sense. We are looking for personalities, not the characters of the once popular television show,” previously said Fadeev.

According to Fadeeva, the selection very soon over, and the winner to go on tour together with Olga Seryabkina and Catherine Kischuk. Fans of the band SEREBRO have already decided on the favorites and I hope that the producer will make the right choice.