Irina Agibalova desperately struggling with excess weight

Ирина Агибалова отчаянно борется с лишними килограммами Ex-participant of “House-2” are dissatisfied with their forms. Irina Agibalova searching for ways of dealing with weight. The reality star admitted that he rarely even tries to come into the kitchen, the woman stopped cooking their own food.

Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Irina Agibalova complained to the subscribers of his microblog on weight problems. The woman not long ago returned from the sanatorium, where he led a form on the eve of the birthday. But apparently, the result of which she managed to achieve under the supervision of experts, to fix still does not work. Much to the chagrin and disappointment of Irina, her weight stopped falling. This circumstance is incredibly frustrating reality star. In the microblog thelebanese admitted that he decided to go on specialized foods for weight loss.

“Got on the scales this morning, weight is rooted to the spot after the resort, back and forth chasing 600-700 grams. So I decided to try not to cook yourself, and to trust the experts, which for me came up and all calories counted, especially the founder of this PP movement, I know personally. PS: day 1, Breakfast-omelet with broccoli and cheese,” wrote Irina Agibalova under the snapshot of her during the meal.

Fans compliment the star of “House-2”. Many are asking Irina Alexandrovna not to torture yourself with weight loss. They think that it is beautiful in its weight.

“Ira, I don’t know who told you that need to lose weight? You yourself in the mirror? Slender, beautiful woman”, “This is water, not fat! In the resort-all without salt, and at home – no! Here you have 700 grams! Do not torture your body, you are so beautiful!”, “Ira, you do not need to lose weight”, “Sometimes people are funny questions to ask! Well, if you really do decide to lose weight it or not! The man was full, struggled with excess weight, naturally, it will monitor and support!” – exchange views and subscribers Irina Agibalova.

We will remind, some days ago, Irina gave a lavish party in honor of his birthday. The birthday girl looked just stunning. She chose for the celebrations the lush black dress to the floor. Head and star hand adorned with original jewelry. That evening Irina Agibalova got a lot of compliments from your friends and family. Irina Agibalova broke away at the party in honor of birthday