Звезду «Битвы экстрасенсов» Николь Кузнецову не узнала вся семья A clairvoyant has published a rare photo. Nicole Kuznetsova said that she absolutely didn’t like the way it looks. Medium long worked on myself and was able to achieve a perfect appearance through their own efforts.

      Finalist of the show “Battle of psychics” Nicole Kuznetsova remembered by all the audience with their catchy appearance – bright red long hair, slender figure and barely audible voice. However, the medium managed to surprise not only their fans, but those closest to you. Kuznetsov has published a rare picture in which a popular psychic almost do not know.

      Nicole with humor reacted to how I looked in 20 years. She ironically notes that were full. Kuznetsova completely dissatisfied with their appearance in youth.

      “Friends, we guess: who is this fat ugly blonde? Mom doesn’t find out, my husband said that I was lying,” – said about the reaction of their relatives in an old photo.

      Photos published Nicole Kuznetsova (@nikol.official) Aug 11 2016 at 5:50 PM PDT

      Psychic fully criticized his former way, but noted that others did not push her appearance. By his example, she now tried to inspire her fans to self-improvement.

      “Appearance is not important, my dear. Charisma, inner warmth, charm, charm. By the way, who’s to say that I’m the crocodile would not hurt me. But this fat crocodile was already married, so there is a chance even the Hippo to get married. By the way, being a “fatal” beauty of the husband I gave up. Went away, pretty boy. I hope that Kirill will read and smile. Love yourself, cultivate yourself, work on their weaknesses. And let go of the thought for the lazy: “love me for who I am” – figushki! If I were the same as in the photo, my favorite Alexander would have passed! Must be able to recognize its flaws and work on them! I say this not as a psychic and a witch, and as a woman,” – said Kuznetsov.

      Now Nicole is happily married with Sudakovym, which gave birth to the heir. They also educate the eldest son Kuznetsova. In the show “Battle of psychics,” the woman insisted that she was the widow of crime boss Yaponchik. According to her, she was familiar with him since childhood, thanks to his father. For a long time Vyacheslav (real name crime boss. – Approx. “StarHit”) saw her as the child loved him from the family. But when the glory Kuznetsova, as the man who hard to deal with the complexity, came to Ivankov, he immediately looked at her with different eyes. A psychic will always remember the advice he gave her during life. Nicole says that he is the father of her first son. Widow jap Nicole is surprised at the “Battle of psychics”

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