Поклонники Ларисы Гузеевой восхищены фигурой ее дочери Leading is resting with family in Bulgaria. In his microblog Larissa Guzeeva has shared a dramatic picture with his heir. 16-year-old Lola sports at the seaside and shows excellent stretch. Fans of the star admired the athletic body girls.

      Larisa Guzeeva went with a family on rest to Bulgaria, where they were staying in the resort Ravda, located on the shore of the Black sea. Host of the show “let’s get married” shares in his microblog photos of the trip. A splash in the social network made pictures of the daughter stars, 16-year-old Lely, and Larissa’s mother, Albina Andreevna in a swimsuit.

      Guzeeva showed a series of shots where her heiress, dressed in a tracksuit, jumping over the waves, and also demonstrates an excellent stretch, the splits on the beach. The girl is in Irish dancing, so it is easy to provide such exercises. In the background on the photos can be considered the mother of TV stars. “My mommy is an angel! Whole house for her, and we’re like Velcro!”, – admitted the star, responding to comments from subscribers.

      Users of the social network are unable to hide his excitement and left warm words and wishes to the loved ones Guzeeva. “What you have a happy family. The mother, when the mother is happy. I wish her good health and long life. Larissa, I love you, your daughter – beauty”, “my Daughter is very sporty you”, “mother’s happiness! What a beautiful!”, – praised Lelia followers well-known TV presenter.

      By the way, the heiress star calls himself in social networks Cherish Guzeeva, although officially her name is Olga Bukharova. The first pictures of the heiress, actress and restaurateur Igor Bukharov appeared on the pages of Larissa, made a lasting impression on the subscribers TV presenter. Lola has an informal appearance. The girl outfits are things black and large metal ornaments that are representatives of some subcultures. According to Guzeeva, such passion for self-expression Lelia borrowed from it. “I was at that age ridicule in a short skirt, a neighbor called skinny and ugly,” said the actress on Instagram.

      Photo daughter Larisa Guzeeva created a furor in the Network

      For a long time relationship with her daughter Larissa is not formed. Education heiress engaged Albina Selezneva. Lola even refused to call Guzeeva mom. But gradually relationships in the family improved. Subscribers presenter noted that Olga is very similar to Larisa. In 2015, the heiress of the actress along with her mother visits the social events of the capital.

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