Виктор Гусев госпитализирован с травмой спины The media have spread rumors that the sports commentator was in the hospital. Victor Gusev has confirmed that is in a medical facility. Fans worried about the health of the journalist.

      Виктор Гусев госпитализирован с травмой спины

      Today appeared the rumors that the famous sports commentator Victor Gusev urgently hospitalized. It was reported that the journalist was in the hospital because of a broken vertebrae in the lumbar region. Presumably Gusev fell from a height and hurt my back. However, the sports commentator was quick to reassure the public and spoke about the state of his health.

      “I do now at the hospital, but nothing happened. I have a small problem with the back”, – said Victor and added that it will spend in a medical facility about 10 days, i.e. until the end of the Olympics. .

      Fans are very worried about TV journalist and I wish him a speedy recovery.

      As reported by the broadcaster TASS news Agency, he managed to avoid serious injury and now his health is out of danger.

      Recall that the famous commentator began his career as a sports correspondent in 1985. Then he began working as a freelance commentator of football matches. But his ability was quickly noticed and since 1995 he started to work officially on the First channel. On television he was a sports news presenter, and then he was appointed project Manager of the Directorate of sports broadcasting.

      During his work Viktor Gusev commented on the numerous important football matches of world and European Championships and Olympic games. Also during his career, he has created a documentary cycles, dedicated to the main games. The presenter received high marks for their work among colleagues – he became a three-time winner of the TEFI award, and he is the holder of state awards and a member of the Russian television Academy.

      Despite the fact that the broadcaster mainly commented on football matches, he was entrusted with other responsible sports.

      Many fans will recognize the voice of Gusev and his catchphrase “take care of yourself” has become a real hallmark of the commentator.

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